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Earthing's Member Details for the MITA Pact

Foreign Policy

As a Communist State aiming at true communism, Earthings has open borders, and anyone can enter or exit the nation freely. Immigrants are openly granted citizenship with ease, though we don't let trees or grasslands even budge to create new living space for the immigrants. Because of these open-border policies, we have strong Intelligence, Defense and Police forces to prevent any terrorist activity, as well as the conduction of interrogative torture.

Export Offers

Books are a major product
Arms - including shotguns, rifles, cannons
Handicraft products - baskets
Agricultural produce - mainly dairy (cheese), along with some other produce
Forest products - fruits, honey, rubber & gum
Artwork - paintings, sculptures, designer textiles (embroidery and block-print)

Desiring to Import
Raw materials - fabrics and dyes, metals (like iron, steel, copper), glass, explosives (like TNT and gunpowder)
Professional supples - artist materials

Communist Regards
Earthings, Kavonia