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Mohamed Jüberllahu (1899-1978)

Mohamed Jüberllahu was a famous bussines man born in Queîa in 1899, to Jibbrea Jüberllahu who was also owned worked in a coal mine.

Jüberllahu went to Strenton uni for economics and politics, and in 1934, he got $3,000,000 from Stillinstani bank and open a coal mine. While mining, his workers found diamonds located right next to the coal mine. After selling it for $42,000,000 to rich Arab traders, he managed to buy a large gold mining company called Rush and Jüberllahu ores, which made a whopping $6,000,000 in its first year.

Rush and Jüberllahu ores was going very well, Jüberllahu even owned a $5,000,000 dollar house in Venice. Tho tragedy struck in 1956, after the X army stormed the many mines of Jüberllahu, owing all venue from it. This caused Jüberllahu to come down to his mines, where he would be arrested.

Facing 20 years, he made a deal with General supreme leader Aziz Khan, he would get freedom and stay rich and become head of economics for you, the deal was made and Mohamed Jüberllahu died in 1978, a rich man with a net worth of $150,000,000.