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The Europeia Map

Hello everyone! So, the other day I had the idea of making a map for Europeia. Now, Europeia, doesn't have a regional map. And I thought it would be fun to make one! And it's not just me who's involved, but YOU. Yes, you, if you want to be on the map you can telegram the Federal Union of Stefoland where your nation is at, and you'll be put on the map! Here are the current locations of each nation:

Stefoland - Mid California to Anchorage
The United Peoples of Centrism - New Zealand and other Oceanian territories
Vatinland - Islands near Portugal (Fictional)
Poseidon63 - Easter Island
Istillian - Tasmania
Lastoina - Denmark and North Germany
Dracondra - Himalayas
Sanjurika - Middle East
Gemeinschaftsland - Most of East Asia
Lloenflys - Minnesota (Sorry for people that don't know US States)
Moryazvia - Some of Eastern Europe
Bursken - South India and Australia
Rojo canyon - Central Africa
Awesomelandi - Southern United States and Mexico
Pogistonia - Western Brazil
Siburian - Siberia
Freeeee - Northern England
Westlechland - Germany
Prov - Ukraine, and some of the balkans
Anti-Faschist union - Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe
Sincluda - Some of Southeast Asia
Pichtonia - Alps
Le Libertia - Most of Western Europe
Mancheseva City - Around Washington D.C
Astrellan - West Africa
Atlas-Preussen - Scandinavia
New States of the Japanese empire - Second Japan (Fictional)
Spaghettitopia - Southern Italy and Western Balkan Coast
Votokia - Southern Caspian Sea
Decnotixa - Central America and the Galapagos
Sheydan - Tuva and Irkustk Republics
Super Duper Adorable Dogs - Finland
Greater Rubisland - Karelia and Northern Norway
Pugeullaendeu - South Africa
Nairatania - Atlantis
Of Weimar - Benelux and North Germany
Ambaskow - The Levant
Crozo - Tunisia and Libya
Thice Frostalt - Patagonia
Austria-Slavia - Austria, Hungary, and Slovakia
Northeastern Italian - Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia
The Cat In A Box Archives - Wales
The Isolationist Crows - Nova Scotia and New Brunswick
Ramalia Shanatopian - Western Canada
Noxxus Chrome - Korean Peninsula
Uncilttakia - West Africa
Jobenheim - Central Southern Africa
Angsburyy - Ireland
Kluyatia - Indo-China and Thailand
Rutherfordstan - Ontario (Canada)
Charoskania - North and Central Argentina and Chile
Hakwan - Palawan
Grelandia - Iceland and part of Greenland
The United Pirate States - Caribbean
The seal republic - Greenland
United States of North Ameria - North Quebec
British New-Mexico - Western Mexico
Qingui - Taiwan
Great Siahara - North Algeria
Democratic Republic of Central African - C.A.R and Southern Chad
Cunnilia - Island south of Australia (Fictional)
Great Raj British - Western India and Northern Pakistan
French algierya - Morocco and Western Sahara
Combining robots - Brazilian and Argentinian coasts and Uruguay
Capitalistic auropa - Ethiopia and Somaliland
Free monarchist France - Atlantic France (Fictional)
MCooland - Angola
Ronavald - Chad
Israeiel - Mali
United North Australia - Papua New Guinea
Adghulkae - Tajikistan
First new Russian empire - Kazakhstan
Turkesbenizstan - Afghanistan and Western Iran
Colimbiya - Venezuela
Creniciapla - Southern Russia
Federate Columbian empire - Colombia
Flos flavus - Peru, Bolivia, Northern Argentina
Astrilia - Austrian Empire in the Pacific (Fictional)
British Robots - Southern England
Ducklingville - Western Kazakhstan
Latino Coast - Ecuador and Southern Colombia
Greater Mecklenburg-Pommern - Northeastern Germany
British New-Alaska - Most of Alaska

But that's all! If you don't wish to participate, that's fine, but it'd be cool if you did. Have a good day!