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Alliances and Organizations founded in Gran Yucanoa

The alliances founded in Gran Yucanoa include several groups, made up of military, economic, and diplomatic organizations such as:

NNAAPO or the Non-Nuclear Agreement and Peace Organization was founded in 1988 towards the end of the Cold War by Gran Yucanoa as a member of the Third Nations Alliance to try and end the nuclear arms race and creat a peaceful and diplomatic setting for new nations. NNAAPO however has been inactive with the political corruption and growing dangerous setting in Gran Yucanoa. The final nail in the coffin came when Gran Yucanoa restarted its Nuclear Research and Development Program in 2011.

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COPEEAL or the Co-Prosperity Exteriorem Economic Alliance

Members of COPEEAL include: Gran Yucanoa and Terrabis-Seran.

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Neo-SOGEA or the Neo Solitian Oil and Gas Economic Alliance is a renewed economic organization to help increase and fluctuate oil and gas trade between the continent of Solitas. The first SOGEA organization was founded in 1952 during the presidency of Zander Cortez II during the rule of the Conservative Party from 1950 to 1967 in Gran Yucanoa. During this era of Yucanoan politics the right wing spectrum of political factions banded together in Gran Yucanoa to form a political bloc known as the Conservative Sphere, led by Pres. Zander Cortez II and his successors Pres. Emiliano Lopéz and Pres. Cordero Juarez. The alliance was formed to allow for the economic facilitation of local gas and oil which is abundant in the continent of Solitas. However after the Liberal reforms when the liberalist factions of the country retook the dual Courts, SOGEA was weakened but remained operational, continuing operations until the economic crash of 2004. The return of SOGEA would not return until 2032 after the Gran Yucanoan Civil War.

After the restoration of the republican government SOGEA was restored by the Trade Confederacy in a last minute act before the election of Presidente Regina de La Torres. However Neo-SOGEA was immediately caught by liberal and socialist factions in the Senate as an attempt to rob the surrounding areas by right wing Yucanoan politicians. Instead of dejecting the revival of SOGEA, Pres. de La Torres has announced an economically beneficial socialist trade alliance, allowing both democratic and socialist allies in Solitas gas and oil resources.

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