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URA Global Showcase 2022 Lectures of Sports

Greetings Attendees of 2022 United Regions Alliance regional showcase! First of all let me introduce myself, I am ēcho who is the director of cultural affairs in the alliance and I would also like to thank y'all who's attending my lecture titled as "Sports Roleplaying : What and How?". This lecture would be going through the different aspects of Nationstates Sports Roleplaying, which is one of the major experiences in NationStates (Like Gameplay, F7 and GE&T). The reason why I decided to take a lecture on this topic is because Sports Roleplaying is one of the promises i made as part of my campaign. I would be presenting this in such a way that you feel there exists a URA sports roleplay already, if you feel like you want to be part of the upcoming event make sure you've got a nation in one of the URA member regions.

So let's get started, shall we? First and foremost before starting anything you got to know what are you gonna learn or hear about and how that works. So, Sports Roleplaying or simply, NS Sports is one of the major subforums in NationStates. The roleplay happens in the in-game forums and hundreds of users participate annualy. In Sports Roleplaying, you normally roleplay as a team or player representing your nation. You can also write about your nation's culture and stuff, which would literally be known as Worldbuilding. There exists a well written, mod approved guide for NS Sports which can be found in here:

Now let's get to the next part of this lecture, from now on I'll talk as if there exists an sporting event in the alliance. So first of all looks like we are having a Soccer tournament between the member nations of URA. So my first step would be creating a thread known as the Signup thread in the subforum. So when i create a thread i would name it as "Tournament Name [Signups - URA Only]" and write the OP (Opening Post) which describes the instructions of the registeration and submit it. I would be linking you all the signup thread in your respective regions and would be asking everyone to register.
So how do you register? It's simple to be honest; you just have to open the thread, click on the button to reply and post a message which says you're interested to participate. It could just be a post saying "In!" or "We are here!" which looks like you're intended to take part in the event. Now there would be a deadline for the nations to register and after it gets ended the incharge would be closing the signups. But, now what's next? So, next we need a host. Someone can't just come up and say they're interested to host because being a host is a bigger responsibility and you need some tools. The host would "scorinate" the results on the basis of the Roleplays you've posted using a publicly approved scorinator and post them in a new thread made by them called "Tournament Name [Everything Thread]". If you're interested to host you'll have to post a host bid which can include your nation's IC information, how you'll be hosting the event and which scorinator you use. This is an able example of a host bid ( viewtopic.php?p=39383280#p39383280), Signup Thread (viewtopic.php?p=39383280#p39382524) and a Everything thread (viewtopic.php?f=7&t=516677&sid=16eae9b3e3fbe1315f44c76fb5640d69).

The most commonly used and publically approved scorinator tool is Xkoranate by Commerce Heights, you have to download and learn to use it to host tournaments. You can find the tool in here (, it's GitHub ( and a beautifully written guide to use it in here ( If there exists no host bids then the tournament automatically gets abandoned or someone else has to take over. If there's more than two host bids, the alliance cabinet would conduct a vote between themselves to choose one (this can change!).

After a host is chosen, they make the everything thread and asks the participants to post their rosters. A roster contains IC Information about a nation, it's squad, style of play, kits etc. These are two examples of a roster (viewtopic.php?p=39561217&sid=b79c91ad407d572ca9ea249e787adfd5#p39561217 and viewtopic.php?p=39251890#p39251890). After posting a roster, you're then allowed to Roleplay. You can roleplay even without a roster but it's excepted to post one for better bonus and for other reasons. Here's an example of a quality roleplay (viewtopic.php?p=39333601#p39333601).

Now at the same time all these happens, the host would conduct the group draw and sort the participants in groups and also post the schedule. A roleplay per matchday is the best you could bring out, and you'll also get better results. How do the results get favorable? It's not always favourable. The scores are generated in lieu with the 3R principles. The 3R's are Roleplay, Random, Rank. The Host decides a rp bonus to your rp and inputs it in the scorinator, also your team's rank is also added in. If you're participating for the first time in the tournament then you're unranked. The scorinator mechanism works with the rp bonus, rank and also adds a bit of randomness and then generates the results. This is made in such a way that a well built team like Brazil / Argentina can even lose to a unranked, low-lying team like San Marino for maybe a margin of 6 goals?!. The scores are then posted according to the schedule until a winner is been crowned.

You can get to know more about this when the discussion starts in the URA main server. After this showcase end, you'll be given access to URA Sports channel for related discussions.

Hoping that all of you would participate in the discussions then, I'm concluding my lecture.