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The Frosty Bugle #33: Wintreath vs. the Terrorists

The Frosty Bugle
Your Chill Summary of This Week in Wintreath
May 21, 2022
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A Word from the Monarch

Wintreath Unites to Fight Terrorist Scum! the first official roleplay put together by our revived roleplaying guild, the Rollspelskra!

The History Behind Rollspelskra
Rollspelskra is the brainchild of Thane of Roleplay Svipjoth, who ran on reviving the guild in the December 2021 Thane elections. Parts of that platform were controversial at the time, especially a provision that would move RP from the NationStates RMB to Wintreath's off-site forums. Svipjoth and others in favor argued that the move would allow for RPs to be better organized and moderated, while those opposed argued that some on the RMB wouldn't be able to join the forums and others preferred the simplicity of the RMB. The discussion was so heated that the entire idea was initially shelved, but a recent incident where players sabotaged a peaceful RP with spies and snipers led to a change of hearts, paving the way for Rollspelskra to be established.

The conclusion of the "peaceful" RP that paved the way for Rollspelskra

What is Rollspelskra, Exactly?
Once in, members have access to monthly official RPs with themes suggested and voted on by members. The terrorist incident RP mentioned at the start of this article is the first official RP, tasking nations to respond to a terrorist attack on every nation's capital city. Members can also create and join other members-only RPs, like the silly "Tooth Fairy Incident" RP where players investigate just what's going on with all those missing teeth. In its first week, the guild is going strong with 13 members, 2 RPs, and nearly 70 posts made so far!

Rollspelskra: How Wintermoot Sees It

Would you like to Join?
Want to join the best RPing that Wintreath has to offer? It's as simple as being a Citizen and proving that you know the rules of being part of top-notch roleplaying. Here's how to get in!

1) Become a Citizen if you haven't already.
2) LinkReview the RP rules and take the exam at the bottom of the topic.
3) LinkApply here by responding to the roleplay prompt.

Happy RPing, and stay frosty,

The Welcome Wagon
Aloha to our new and returning Citizens!

Since our last edition, we've had a number of new and returning Citizens!
  • First off, welcome to Eliza (Bird State), who found Wintreath after spending a few years in the British-themed regions. She’s a lover of all birds and a mother of two (including a newborn! Congratulations!), and has become a familiar face on Discord.

  • Also welcome to Thejoker (New Kasztan), who has already introduced themselves as part of our LGBTQ+ community, joined Rollspelskra, and became involved with the NationStates RMB and Tooth Fairy Incident RP.

  • Welcome to Joslisonoria, who became a Citizen to better communicate with the community and has become a familiar face on the NationStates RMB. They also like to draw, roleplay, and make maps, making their arrival in Wintreath quite timely!

  • Welcome to Sprinkles257 (Sugarica), who has become probably our most active new member across the forums, Discord, and RMB and is becoming known as a particularly friendly and wholesome person.

  • Last but certainly not least, welcome back to Chanku (Terra cinis tonitrua et justitia), Wintreath’s first original native, who returns home after a year-long absence following the dissolution of the Underhusen, an institution she adamantly supported. Chanku’s return continues a trend of returning Wintreans that has seen our community become whole again, and it is awesome to have her back with us!

I always think we have great people become Citizens, but I must say I think we have a particularly wonderful group of new and returning Citizens this time around! Welcome again to each of you!

If you would like to become a Citizen of Wintreath, all you have to do is join our off-site forum and then Linkfill out this form. Citizens gain full rights under our regional constitution, gain access to Citizen-only areas of the forums and Discord, and can participate in our government from our all-Citizen assembly to the Cabinet that runs the day-to-do operations of Wintreath.

Upcoming Events
All times Eastern. Check out our Discord for the latest gaming events!

The CAHpocalypse
Join our month-long Cards Against Humanity tournament on Discord! For the entire month of May, playing one of our CAH nights will earn you points toward the tournament. Do you have the sense of humor it takes to get to the top of the ranking? Join our Cards Against Humanity nights as see!
  • Midnight Madness Cards Against Humanity - May 22nd, 1AM (Discord #zaphyr Channel)

  • Cards Against Humanity - May 23rd, 9PM (Discord #zaphyr Channel)

  • Nominations for Thane Elections Open - May 25th (Forums)

  • Signups for Werewolf XXVII Close - May 28th (LinkSignup Topic)

What's Happening Now
News from Wintreath

LinkSignups for Werewolf 27 Open Now!
Wintreath’s most popular forum game built around deception and trickery returns in the form of A Golden Affair! Hosted by Arenado with help from Marzipan, this game promises the usual chaos and madness in a grand setting. Werewolf is very similar to games like Among Us and Town of Salem, just through text on our forums, so why not give it a try? Signups are open until May 28th!

LinkA Survey for The Rejected Times
Our friends in The Rejected Realms are running a brief survey about NationStates nation stats for an article that will be in The Rejected Times! If you would like to take part in the survey, check out the link.

Read More About It!
Publications from Wintreans about anything and everything

LinkUppsalaskyrslan - May 2nd, 2022
Take a look at events and happenings in the nation of Svipjoth! This edition includes discussion the purchase of the island of Svenskana, the conquering of Hanshedrik, and the elevation of Henrik Svaenningsson into the storied and historic House Kasten, which was founded by Dawsinian.

New Forum Discussions

Looking for Group

LinkThe Hearthkeepers: Wintreath's Welcome Wagon
The Hearthkeepers help keep Wintreath a warm and welcoming community! They welcome and help new members, post daily questions for the community to discuss, create weekly events, and more. Would you like to help keep Wintreath a warm place? Check out the link and contact Michi / Penguin Dictators to join!

Winbassadors: Wintreath’s Face to Other Communities
Ambassadors (named Winbassadors on the Discord because ambassador was already taken) represent Wintreath to other communities. This involves joining their forums and Discord, keeping track of what’s going on there, posting our dispatches and information, and contributing to our foreign dispatch, the Auora Borealis. If you’re a Citizen and would like to join the Winbassador program, contact Ruguo on Discord!

The Dungeon Masters: Wintreath's Gaming Leaders
Dungeon Masters help organize and run gaming nights: everything from Discord games like Cards Against Humanity to video games like Jackbox and Among Us. This is a great way to help contribute to Wintreath’s community that doesn’t involve NationStates, for those Citizens who have moved on from the NS side. If you’re interested in becoming a Dungeon Master, contact Thane of Gaming Marzipan on Discord.

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