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Military Decree 1508712 - (ISIC)

Decree from Minister of Military Laverent Iberian(and M-ANA-ATTO):

The MILITARY FORCE of New Kowloon Bay is to be benefited with the new addition of a CYBERNETIC BATTALION.

With recent improvements in scientific power, the Kowlooni National Sci-military Department has successfully moved forward in TECHNOLOGY.

The CYBERNETIC BATTALIONS' technologies, transports and other items is to be noted down below.

CB-AIP-05: The Kowlooni government has deemed the NECCESSITY of fast-paced combat both onboard ships and in space. Therefore, the CB-AIP-05 is said to be a RESPONSE. The CB-AIP-05 are synthetic consciousnesses that can calculate every electron's movement and the benefits of moving any single electron, and use it to its favour. CB-AIP-05, henceforth referred as AIPs, are able to disable most electron-containing devices, but they are not without flaw. Although it will take time to decipher and disable other, scientifically powerful nation's machines, they will disable them after some time.

AIPs can also disappear and reappear into cyberspace at will, and are virtually undetectable for after 0.05 microseconds, which is slightly slow, but it is worth it for the easy transportation for immense numbers of battalions into combat, at most 75K at a time for 5 minutes. This technology is being attempted to be used for large capital ships.

CB-QUA-05: Although the AIPs are for OFFENSE, the CB-QUA-05 network, henceforth referred as QUA, are suited for DEFENSE. The QUA uses a complex system of modified subquarks and fourth folds to block network connections at will, with pairs of subquarks being issued for every computer, changing randomly and at random times. This makes any hacking attempt into connections of the Kowlooni citizenship extremely tough, with the only way to hack being to take the device and rip its intestines apart, grab the QUAchip and use fourth quarklet technology to reverse-decipher the subquark and enter the network.

CB-TH-05: The TH is the grand superweapon of the cybernetic battalion and the Kowlooni army as a whole. It features an interchangeable anti-quark sheet and some more scientific info and I ran out of things to talk about this, just note that it takes one day to reload and can destroy whole planets. Blegh. I don't know.

All TH-05s are to be brought to the solar system.