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Breosia News 15.05.2022

FirstOne National News Channel
It's official: The increase in cases in Sudbury has stopped, with fewer cases expected from next week.
The field hospitals of the Breosian Armed Forces are deployed in Sudbury and military doctors are assisting in the fight against the virus.
Construction of the Large Hadron Collider has begun in Breozia.
●The president has said that the press conference will take place in about a week, but no exact date has been given.
●The Ministry of Industry is introducing AI at the medium level of the production network: the results of AI are already there and exceeding expectations.
●The State Security Service said it was investigating Sudbury and trying to determine the source of the virus. They believe the virus is not a biological weapon.
●The Breosia Ministry of Health will receive an additional 6 trillion Breos to combat outbreaks of disease.
The Border Guard of Breozia has rescued a fishing vessel that was in distress in the open ocean. 17 fishermen have been rescued and brought ashore and are being provided with the necessary assistance.
●Infrastructure development continues: 47,000 km of railways and more than 150 bridges will be built this year alone according to the economic development plan.
The President has rejected the proposal by the Centre for Public Security to block opposition websites: there should be freedom on the internet, and the state should not be a police baton trying to ban everything.
●Tourists will be able to explore the country's cultural and historical heritage: some 340 routes have already been set up all over the country.
●The Department of Environmental Control has notified the Ministry of Industry and the Economy about inspections at enterprises and the mandatory installation of filters for harmful air pollutants.
The population of Breosia has surpassed 1 billion people.
●In Eagle City, the mayor and his staff drank more than 400 litres of beer in a month, an unusual record in the city.
●A new neighbourhood 'Shining Path' will be built in the suburbs of Anokren.It will be able to accommodate 64,000 people. This neighbourhood will be built at level 7 of technological advancement with all amenities.

News for you by journalist Wendy Maxwell