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Thursday, April 21, 2022

General Election Results Announced
Weatherwand emerged victorious in the Presidential Election
by- Placeholder
The Flag of Weatherwand
After President Placeholder completed his second consecutive term, the Free Nations Region held general elections. Vice President Placeholder and Placeholder ran in the Presidential Elections, while the WA Delegate Election was a three-way battle between President Sparsdan, Placeholder, and Placeholder. This is the first election in FNR history in which no citizens have declared their candidacy for Speaker.

Both candidates in the Presidential Elections released their respective election manifestos:-

Weatherwand was the clear favourite in these elections, thanks to her experience working for the Free Nations Government and her expertise in FNR laws, which she demonstrated during her time as an Associate Justice in the Supreme Court. She won these elections with 13 (61.9%) of the vote. Sparsdan won a landslide of 17 votes (80.9 percent) in the World Assembly Delegate Election.

After winning the Presidential Elections, Weatherwand immediately issued an executive order designating Placeholder as "Speaker pro-tempore". Philmuza was also nominated for Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, and if his confirmation vote passes, he will be formally acknowledged as the Speaker.

Here are the full results of the General Elections:-


Winner in bold

Candidates (in order they declared candidacy):

Pahlavishan | 6 Votes - 28.57 %

Weatherwand | 13 Votes - 61.90 %

Abstain | 2 Votes - 9.52 %


Winner in bold

Candidates (in order they declared candidacy):

Aeoooya | 0 Votes - 0.00 %

Northern Teabag | 2 Votes - 9.52 %

Sparsdan | 17 Votes - 80.95 %

Abstain | 2 Votes - 9.52 %

Free Voices of the Free Nations
Interview with My Nation
by- Placeholder
In this edition, we are interviewing Placeholder. One of the pillars of the Free Nations Region Community, My Nation joined when the region was undergoing a major crisis but he stayed with the region through think and thin and played a crucial role in making FNR a major User Created Region. My Nation is a Former Two-time President, Vice President, Speaker, Two-time Vice Delegate, Minister of Internal Affairs and Minister of Immigration. He is currently serving as the Interim WA Delegate. My Nation has received both the Founder's Medal of Freedom and the Presidential Cross of Outstanding Excellence & Dedication for his exceptional contribution to the region.

South Asians: How much would say that you've changed as a person and a member of the government from your first time in the Presidential Cabinet as the Minister of Internal Affairs to now?

My Nation: Ah, it mustíve been around three years now since I was first appointed Minister of Internal Affairs. A lot about a person can change in three years, especially when it comes to your NationStates career! I know Iíve changed quite a bit over the time Iíve been a member of FNRís government. Iíd say the biggest change Iíve noticed in myself is that Iíve gained a better understanding of what it takes to build and maintain an online community like our region ó or any community, really. Iíll be honest with you, in this regard I had no idea what I was getting into when I entered FNRís government three years ago! Building a community such as ours requires qualities like dedication, perseverance, and organization, to name a few; qualities that Iíve been able to develop during my time serving FNR. Speaking of organization, when I was Speaker, our President at the time, Heaveria, created an online calendar for government officials to use to keep track of their plans. I found this calendar extremely useful, especially when I served my second term as President half a year later. So NationStates has helped me to improve my organizational skills too! Itís strange yet beautiful, isnít it, how an online game can change you so much as a person.

South Asians: You've held numerous positions in the FNR Government. What's your favourite position that you've held so far?

My Nation: Ooh, thatís a very tough call ó Iíve loved them all! I think Iíll go with President, specifically my second term in the position, from January to April of 2021. My first term ó which was back in 2019 ó wasnít as productive as Iíd have liked it to have been. My second term, on the other hand, I was very pleased with. My Ministers, my Vice President, and I worked well together; we accomplished nearly everything we set out to do. It was hard work for sure, but seeing our efforts come to fruition made it a super rewarding term. I really enjoyed laying out the governmentís plans, guiding the Ministers in their endeavours, and working on various projects of my own. I have fond memories of my second term as President. I feel that it was a bit of a redemption for me after my first term, and I must say, Iím proud of it!

South Asians: You have served as the Vice Delegate for a couple of terms and you're currently the Interim World Assembly Delegate. What experiences have you gained by working in these positions? Would you like to get further involved in writing World Assembly Resolutions?

My Nation: Serving as Vice Delegate and interim Delegate has allowed me to continue to broaden my experiences with World Assembly affairs. Although Iíve made a point to participate in WA votes since I joined the Assembly in May 2019, I really only started to dip my toes into the behind-the-scenes side of things during my second term as FNRís President, when our region became a member of the Partnership for Sovereignty. Later on, in the positions of Vice Delegate and interim Delegate, Iíve continued to increase my involvement in the WA by holding debates and votes pertaining to WA resolutions on FNRís Discord server. Iíve also published voting recommendations on a couple of resolutions on behalf of our region. As for writing resolutions, itís something Iíd considered in the past but never got around to doing. Currently, Iím not all that interested in writing resolutions because Iíve been quite busy in real life. But who knows what the future holds!

South Asians: Who is your biggest mentor in Nationstates?

My Nation: Hmm, another tough one. Iím going to call it a tie between Heaveria and Sparsdan. Both of these NSers have yearsí more experience than I do, and Iíve been fortunate to have worked closely with the two of them over the course of my career in FNRís government. Sparsdan and I even served as one anotherís Vice President ó I was his VP during his first term as President, and immediately following that, he was my VP during my second term as President. I admire Sparsdan for his self-assuredness and his ability to give advice, and I admire Heaveria for his hands-on leadership style and the energy heís brought to all the positions heís held. Iíve striven to be like them both during my time in FNRís government. Official matters aside, Heaveria and Sparsdan are very friendly and fun to chat with. I consider them to be two of my closest NationStates friends!

South Asians: How did you join Nationstates?

My Nation: Ah, it was a Google search. I was bored, so I googled something along the lines of ďpolitical online games.Ē NationStates showed up. The next day ó June 8th, 2018 ó I joined NS as My Nation, and Iíve been playing it ever since!

South Asians: What made you stay in FNR for such a long time?

My Nation: I consider FNR to be my online home, if you will. Iíve been here since my very first day on NationStates, and I couldnít imagine leaving. We have this bright, welcoming community that has grown marvellously from what it was when I first joined. Iíve met so many amazing people through FNR; made so many memories. I feel that I belong here. Also, Iíve gotta admit, I do love my residency statÖ :P

NS April Fools Event
Global Trade Fair
by- Placeholder
Nationstates has made it an annual tradition to celebrate April Fools' Day by hosting a special event. This year, Nationstates hosted a Global Trade Fair where countries may gather a variety of items and store them for display in their respective regions while avoiding inspections and confiscation of goods from other nations.

Suspicious, a joint jump point for multiple major raider regions dominated this event, stashing the most of all the available goods.

The Free Nations Region, on the other hand, was able to amass the Top-25 Biggest Regional Stash in ten of the twelve items present in the fair. The ranks of FNR's regional stashes in the Global Trade Fair were:- Shipping Containers (15th), Sticky Label (6th), Gold Billions (18th), Coffee Beans (9th), Inspector Uniforms (7th), Humanitarian Potatoes (11th), Tractor Parts (13th), Electronics (8th), Gas Centrifuges (13th) and Uranium (20th).

EmbassyRegionia Operation
Ended in a Stalemate
by- Placeholder
The Embassy Badge
On the Major Update of April 5th, The Brotherhood of Malice and the Black Hawks raided an Embassy Collector Region named EmbassyRegionia. Independent regions such as Thaecia and Europeia supported the defenders in this operation due to the BoM's involvement. Europeia's participation in this liberation attempt follows their Prime Minister Common-Sense Politics' recent announcement that prominent members of the BoM Reventhus Koth, Venico, and Souls have been designated "Personae Non Gratae" in Europeia. The defenders were also helped by other independent regiona such as the East Pacific and Balder. The Defenders, bolstered by the support of these independent militaries, mounted a six-day long siege on the region. The sieges were close, and there were updates when the defenders fell short of liberating the territory by 3-4 endorsements. Swaklaton, the native delegate, reached the peak of 160 endorsements.

The raiders, with their massive piling force, managed to overpower the defenders, with Venico, the raider's point nation, reaching 220 endorsements. The invaders were able to close thousands of embassies collected by EmbassyRegionia over a long period of time as a result of this.

Despite the raiders' superior numbers and control of the region, the defenders employed some effective strategies to prevent the raiders from destroying the region. They started endorsing raider pilers to increase their influence and making it harder for the raiders to eject them in order to grief the region. A security council resolution to liberate EmbassyRegionia was also due to be passed. All these reasons prompted the raiders to withdraw their forces. The operation ended in a stalemate while the defenders managed to prevent the destruction of EmbassyRegionia, the raiders abolished thousands of embassies collected by them.

Eight FNDA Agents participated in this operation and all of them received the "Embassy Badge" for their participation.

FNDA Personnels Involved:

Special Agent Placeholder
Operative Placeholder
Operative Placeholder
Cadet Placeholder
Cadet Placeholder

RTF Personnels Involved

Agent Placeholder
Agent Placeholder

FNR Civilians Involved



Other Operations
by- Placeholder

FNDA Personnels Involved:

Special Agent Placeholder
Operative Placeholder
Operative Placeholder
Cadet Placeholder
Cadet Placeholder

RTF Personnels Involved

Officer Placeholder
Agent Placeholder
Agent Placeholder

AmpŽzĖWeisshaupt Compact
The League and The Grey Wardens sign a historic treaty
by- Placeholder
The Order of the Grey Wardens and the League, two of the most renowned defence militaries in the current era, have formed a pact, cementing their already strong alliance. The Grey Wardens and the League have recently led a number of defender missions together, and they are Libcord's two most active defender militaries.

Both signees of the pact recognised each other's governments, and they also signed a Non-Aggression Pact and a Mutual Defense Pact. Both regions agreed that they would never recruit against one another or their respective territories. Lastly, they'll collaborate on annual cultural celebrations.

This treaty will play a crucial role for both the regions considering the upcoming Frontiers/Strongholds update.

Rebellion in the LKE
Several Former and Current Government Members Left the Region
by- Placeholder
Valfor, a prominent figure of the Land of Kings and Emperors, made a thread titled "Why I Left the LKE and Why You Should Condemn Them" in the Nationstates Gameplay Forums. During his reign as Crown Prince, he claimed that the decisions he made in Emperor Theodon's absences were either invalidated or severely condemned, and he recounted multiple incidences when he became "mentally stressed" as a direct result of the decisions made by the regional leadership. He further stated that he was accused of "usurping" the Emperor's powers. He leveled accusations against Emperor Emeritus Onderkelkia criticizing him for the centralisation of powers in the government and made claims that Onder is still running the region even after his abdication.

He also criticised the current reigning Emperor Felix's "dictatorial nature", citing his prohibition on government members posting regional telegrams without prior consent from the Emperor, as well as his announcement forbidding members of the Imperial Army, LKE's military, from joining several defender and raider militaries with whom LKE has had conflicts in the past and present. This decision infuriated several members of the Imperial Army, and numerous high-ranking officers, including Valfor, resigned as a result.

Several other disgruntled members of the LKE, including Astrid Weisberg, Rose Weisberg-Talleyrand, and Gankands, backed Valfor's claims.

In response, Onderkelkia and Theoden Sebastian declared the allegations "false" and made a counter-allegation, claiming that the entire uprising is "foreign-backed" and treasonous. King HEM, the founder of LKE's ally region Europeia, claimed that the Brotherhood of Malice was involved in the uprising. Rose Weisberg-Talleyrand and Astrid Weisberg Talleyrand, as well as key members of the Brotherhood of Malice Venico, Reventhus Koth, and Ever-Wandering Souls, have been designated Personae Non Gratae by Europeian President Common-Sense Politics.

Many Former and Current Government Members left the LKE. Prime Minister Grand Mythral and Speaker of the Estates Common The Holy Avalonian Empire were removed from their respective government positions following Gankands' revelation regarding their involvement in the rebellion.

After so many members of their "core group" have departed the region, it will be intriguing to see what the future holds for LKE.

2022 Spring Beach Festival
A Memorable event hosted by Defenders and Independents alike
by- Placeholder
The Spring Beach Bash Festival in 2022 was a huge success. This event was organized by Thaecia, Europeia, The Order of the Grey Wardens, and The Rejected Realms and featured a variety of fun activities such as Flag Contests, Poetry Contests, Trivia, Arcade Games, R/D Wargames, Treasure Hunting, and Choose Your Own Adventure. The popular "owlery" segment of the Harry Potter and the Festival of Friends was renamed "message in a bottle" and participants conveyed heartfelt notes to their NS friends at this festival.

The events followed the same format as previous year. Dancing Dolphins, Jumping Jellyfish, and Sassy Sea Turtles were the three teams competing. The three teams participated in a variety of events, earning points in the process. The Dancing Dolphins won this event with 1602 points. With 894 points, Sassy Sea Turtles came in second, followed by Jumping Jellyfish with 815 points.

In Other News...
Four Regions close their embassies with the Communist Bloce
by- Placeholder

Europeia, Thaecia, Balder and the League closed their embassies with the largest leftist region in Nationstates- The Communist Bloc after controversial statements made by their First Minister Pajonia and Minister of Foreign Affairs New Astri. Their behaviour was deemed "unacceptable and insulting" in a statement released by the Thaecian government announcing the repeal of the Treaty of Solidarity signed between Thaecia and the Communist Bloc.

Writinglegend elected as the President of Europeia

Writinglegend and his running mate Sincluda won the Europeian Presidential Elections. Writinglegend succeeded Common-Sense Politics as he refused to run for a second consecutive term. The Writinglegend-Sincluda ticket defeated the Kuramia-Darkslayer ticket by 42-31 (57.5% - 42.5%) votes.