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M7 Kolesnitsa (Chariot)

M7 Kolesnitsa tank during the Froatian War.

Type: Main Heavy Battle Tank
Place of origin: PsiCorps

Service History

In Service: 2010-present
Used by: PsiCorps

Wars used in: Karelia Civil war, Froatian War, 2nd Froatian War.

Production History

Designer: Nathaniel Nazarian
Designed: 2008
Manufacturer: Nazarian Industries
Unit cost: 3.12M Yurions
Produced: 2010 - Present
No. Produced: 32125
Varriants: N/A


Mass M7 Kolesnitsa: 65 tonnes
Length M7 Kolesnitsa: 9.04 Meters
Width M7 Kolesnitsa: 3.72 Meters
Height M7 Kolesnitsa: 2.66 Meters
Crew: 4

Armour: M7 Kolesnitsa: 5th generation
composite; including steel, iron
and plastic filler with ceramic

Main armament: 120 mm (4.7 in) MG253 smoothbore gun, capable of firing LAHAT ATGM

Secondary armament: 1 12.7 mm MG
3 7.62 mm MG
1 Mk 19 grenade launcher
1 60 mm internal mortar
12 smoke grenades

Engine: 1,500 hp (1,119 kW) turbocharged diesel engine

Power/weight: 23 hp/tonne

Payload Capacity: 48 rounds

Transmission: MT 732

Suspension: Helical spring

Fuel Capacity: 2,000 litres

Operational range: Road 695 km

Speed: 64 km/h (40 mph) on road
55 km/h (34 mph) off road

The M7 Kolesnitsa

The M7 Kolesnitsa started development in 2008, in PsiCorps for The PsiCorps Imperial Army.
It is armed with a 120mm smoothbore cannon and a 1 12.7 mm MG . It is powered by a MT2 turbocharged diesel engine.

It's a Service Tank has seen some combat in Froatian civil war.

There are two main development batches of the M7 Kolesnitsa: The M7A1 Kolesnitsaand the export varriant.