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Fan’s Guide to the 2035 CPB Season

CPB returns to Europe under, as always, under full capacity on April 3rd. This factbook is designed to inform fans of the series of each of the 20 teams’ historical notes, our projected rankings, and other notable features. We will do this into two separate factbooks, the Central League and Coastal League. Up first is the Central League, found right here. We’ll go in the order found in the overview factbook.

Here are a few things I'll look at for each team:

The Coastal League portion can be seen here.

Ownership: Every CPB team has a corporate owner and each company is known for something. One team still has a family ownership co-owned with a company.

2035 Payroll rank: Because people are curious who can spend money and who can't. Remember, there are 20 teams.

Location/Stadium: Each team has its own region or city represented in an area of Europe. Some teams have a nicer stadium than others, while a few represent more square miles (or kilometers) than others.

Mascots: Every team markets mascots like crazy. There's even state mascots which are at games, but we'll focus on the team ones with a photo.

Cheer song: Seventh inning stretch in MLB is usually a singing of "Take me out to the ballgame" and sometimes adding "God Bless America", but in Europe, they sing their cheer song or "fight song" during this break. Most of the teams feature balloons. If the team is on the road, the visiting crowd will hear their cheer song at the end of the sixth inning.

They also have scoring and victory songs. An Ōendan roughly translates into cheer section. Like college football, there are visitor's sections which allow fans who root for the road team to be together and sing the songs. This will show their songs from 2034, meaning the four expansion teams will not have their songs listed.

MLB Comparison: This is an estimated equivalent of what the CPB team could be viewed as for an MLB fan. Nothing can be exact, but based on history, coaching philosophy and fundamentals, I will compare to the best that I can. Keep in mind, don't pick the team just because yours is listed there.

Legendary players: While it would take too long to mention everyone involved, some names from each team deserve recognition.

Notable foreign players: This will show players who came to their CPB team on the get-go and made a career from North America. My listing will be incomplete, but a handful of names will be shown.

Notable players who played in MLB: These are players who came from their CPB team who were significant enough to be remembered in MLB (players who played in MLB FIRST will not be mentioned here). A few players won't make the cut. Keep in mind, I don't want to list a few players twice, so I'll put them on their most significant team, unless they had a large impact on both.

Verdict: We give reasons why to like and dislike the given team. There will always be pros and cons.

2035 Core Four: Just to get an idea who is the core entering the 2035 season.

2035 Foreign players: Some names may be familiar expats out of North America or Taiwan. A * indicates a first-year player.

Long term future player: Who is viewed as the long term option? CPB has some obvious names, but there are some guys under development hoping to make an impact down the road. You could see a glimpse of him in 2020.

MLB Potential: Everyone has a player with potential, but some may not choose to go or are already past their prime/peak years.

2035 Expectations: I'll go over some strengths and weaknesses of the current product for each team. Who are stars worth tracking? Where do most people think they'll finish and where do I have them finishing?

SoftBank Cooper Jets (SoftBank Cooper Jets)

The SoftBank Jets, legally known as the SoftBank Baseball Corporation of Cooper, was founded in March of 1951 as the first professional baseball team in the Federal Republic of Germany. Amateur baseball at the high school and college level did not start until 1946 in West Germany, and 1955 in East Germany outside of Berlin.

Ownership: SoftBank Corporation
Softbank is not a bank, but a telecommunications company that also specializes in e-commerce, media, technology internet services, phone services and more. The title of "Softbank" is more a reference to a bank of software and technology, hoping to continue to develop electronics in the future.

They are in partnerships with Yahoo!, E-trade, Ustream and other companies. In America, they are the parent company of majority of newspapers as Gannett is under umbrella. Previously, they were under the name GateHouse Media under the merger in 2019. Softbank's subsidiary Fortress was in charge of this, but it all points back to them owning Gannett as a whole. Safe to say, Softbank has control in the stateside journalism industry. Of course they've been in the news for other reasons, but it won't affect the baseball team.

Softbank also gives their employees jerseys of the Jets and they can wear them at work in Caleon. (Sorry, they don't do the same for USA employees, per source, but they are aware of the two baseball teams the team owns, the other being the NPB’s Hawks).

2035 Payroll Rank: 4

The Jets, while not the #1 priority of SoftBank in the sports world, they are still heavily supported by their parent company. They will win many bidding wars with other teams and sign developmental contracts with lower tier players to supplement potential injuries. They also hire managers from former players and doesn’t include payroll of coaching staff.

Needless to say, the Jets are like a production line of players, coaches, and staff.

Location/Stadium: Crypton Future Technologies Field in Pankow-Fukuoka, Cooper, Cooper, Caleon

Despite sponsoring another team in the CPB that we’ll get into later, Crypton Future Technologies wholly supports this collaboration with the Jets. CFT Field was built in 1995 and is designed after the first terminal of the Kansai International Airport, built around the same time. It is the only retractable roof dome in the Central League, but is only opened after home wins. CFT Field is a 20 minute walk from Cooper International Airport, which is where the Jets get their name.

For baseball, this field is a pitcher-friendly park with some of the longest field dimensions in the league and is the only park to exceed 125 meters (410 feet) from home plate to the outfield wall at any point in the CPB.


Cheer Song:

MLB Comparisons: Post-2012 Houston Astros

Legendary Players:

Jessica Nakken is arguably the most well-known female baseball player in world history. Drafted in 1999 by the Jets in the second round, Nakken was a key component of the Jets dynasty in the early 2000s as a Shortstop and holds the record for most HRs in a season by a female player (57, 2004), most career HRs by a female player (839), and most consecutive games with a home run (17, 2004). Nakken retired in 2016 and immediately took up a managerial role with the Jets. She currently stands as the President of Baseball Operations for the Jets, taking the role in 2025.

Notable Foreign Players:

Notable Players who played in the MLB:


Why you root for them:

Why you avoid them:

2035 Core Four:

2035 Notable Players:

Long Term Potential Star:

MLB Potential:

2035 Expectations:

Coming off of a 2034 championship in one of the most bizarre ways possible, the Jets managed to keep most of their strong core around for another season. They also bolstered their once weak bullpen with the arms of Owen Scroggins and Ashley Matthys from the Houston Astros and drafted an inconsistent yet high potential outfielder in Chrystal Keller in the fourth round.

Personal Expectation: First Place