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If you vote in this survey, you'll be cooler than if you had voted in the poll

Alright friends,

Following the glorious poll I've been honking about all around in regards to proposing RMB voting, LinkI proposed it. However, a couple of people have urged me to seek out more data from y'all to better understand why the RMB wants an RMB Voting system - a.k.a., what's wrong with the current one.

So if you have five minutes, I ask you to fill out this google form survey: Link

I cannot stress how important it is that you all answer this. Using this information will help us, in one way or another, better improve how the RMB and the government works together. But we need the data to do anything.

I will not be bothering you with another survey after this - I get they can be a bit annoying. But once more, (to become the epitome of coolness!), I seek your feedback in answering this survey.

Thankies uwu

(disclaimer: similar to last poll, answering this survey does not guarantee this proposal will be passed by the government; I am merely seeking y'alls opinions so we can do this well if we do it.)