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King Proselyte Yuri and the Current Prime Minister

King Proselyte Yuri

Name: Vladimir Abram Yuri Sr.

Titles: King Proselyte, Monarch, Head of State, Commander-in-Chief of the IAFP during Wartime, General of the Army, Strategist, and Protector of the 33 Federal Republics

Age: 93 years old

Party: [][] Yurinism Party and [][] Monarchist Party

Biography (short): Vladimir Abram Yuri is a Epsilonian Monarch and a high-ranked military Leader, that fought in the Soviet Civil War, War in Europe, and First PsiCorps Civil War. He was then elected as the leader of the Yurinism Party. Many people nicknamed him "The Iron Fist" because of his military strength, and technology and his strategy and tactics.

PM Artyom Egorkov

Name: Artyom Radomir Egorkov

Titles: Prime Minister, Head of the Government, Commander-in-Chief of IAFP during Peacetime, Secretary of Agriculture and Secretary of Trade

Age: 49 years old

Party: [][] Liberal Party

Biography (short): Artyom Radomir Egorkov is a Epsilonian Politician, Economist and Freedomist. He was then elected as the leader of the LP, and won the election, with a landslide victory of 91% of the Epsilonian population voted for him.