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Vote in this poll if you want to become cooler than you already were

Hey friends, I have a poll I need y'all to answer (yet again).

The gist of it is, I have half a mind to propose a voting system that will allow RMBers to vote for the Delegate using the RMB. This would mean that RMBers can register their vote (i.e. become an eligible voter) on the RMB and that votes posted on the RMB would count towards Delegate elections. In short, enabling voting without having to make a forum account (presumably you would have to use the forums to look at campaigns and voting instructions, but you wouldn't be required to post nor sign-in to ultimately vote).

However, that being said, I have an important question. If such a system for RMB votes was created, would you use it? I want to make sure people want this system before I propose it.

Answering this poll is not a guarantee that this system will be enacted or even proposed to the government. I'm just seeking y'alls thoughts.

Answer the poll here to lemme know your thoughts:

Also, please be honest :> IK RMB voting is cool, but I wanna see if y'all would use it, not just if y'all would like it :p