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Nooooooooo's Fun (Not sus) Facts

  • There are two basedball players named Will Smith and the position player hit a home run off the pitcher

  • Ghosts don't exist

  • Zebruski doesn't exist

  • People who live in places with names that are harder to spell (Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Cincinnati) tend to live longer than people who live in places with easy names (Gary, Nome, Long Beach)

  • Scientology is the study of science

  • who asked

    boom roasted

  • You will die

  • Everyone in the music video for Mr Krinkle is one of my sleep paralysis demons

  • I didn't know that the Arizona Ranger carried a big iron on his hip

  • Alaska is so far north, they're two hours behind California

  • In Canada, milk comes in bags

  • Margaret Thatcher was British

  • Alexander Hamilton made the electoral college, so maybe he's not such a hero Barlyy?

  • A life sentence and a death sentence are technically the same thing

  • AJ Pierzynski played on the same team as Danby Swanton

  • Elon Musk's brother is named Shortened Pistol

  • If Bartolo Colon had signed with the Padres in 2020, he could have been the only player to play with both Fernando Tatis Sr and Jr

  • Lukashenko is Dr. Phil's evil twin

  • Last night at a restaurant I saw an advertisement for prickly pear beer

  • Germany is responsible for the Nazis and the Soviets

  • The movie Soylent Green is set in 2022

  • Pokémon was created by a Jamaican guy who wanted to call it Pokéman

  • The original Tigran Petrosian died a month before the PIPI man was born

  • Sori was doing PIPI in his pampers when South Sudan became a country

  • John Edwards went to the Salabrachon Heights Institute of Technology

  • will craig is alan craig's long lost step godson in law

  • "Hail Baloo" is an anagram of "Ohio balla"

  • Jamie Foxx is related to Jimmie Foxx

  • You will never know what the principal said over the loudspeaker besides hrbhrrhrbagrbr

  • My nation is older than the policies feature

  • Baloo is older than you

  • Some nations in NationStates are older than Bougainville

  • In New Hampshire, there’s no state law that requires adults to wear seatbelts

  • The Italian flag's colors are actually lettuce, mozzarella, and tomato sauce

  • There’s plenty of room at the Hotel California

  • I wasn't born with an umbilical cord, I was born with a bungee cord

  • His opponents are not the only thing Tigran Petrosyan looks down at

  • Dababy has an evil twin known as TheChildWhoIsUnderTwoYearsOfAge

  • You weigh less after going to the bathroom

  • If you laid the entire state of Alaska over the lower 48, a lot of people would die

  • The flag of Hawaii contains another flag within it, in the top corner: the flag of Poland

  • every 60 seconds in Africa, a minute passes

  • Ohio is just North Kentucky

  • Bi people have gaydar as well, but they’re only 50% sure about someone

  • By fourteen, they placed him in charge of the trading charter

  • You can send yourself a TG

  • You can sneak food into class if you hide it in a gun

  • The praying emoji 🙏 is not praying at all, it's actually two people high fiving

  • The world’s average life expectancy is 72.6 years old, which means Baloo is exactly 420.69 years older than average

  • In baseball, you can't swing unless the pitcher wants you to

  • If you eat a red fruit and a yellow fruit at the same time it will taste like an orange

  • There are about 15,000 liers living currently in the US, and 16% of them have been or will kicked off

  • Derek Fisher

  • there’s a place in California called Nevada City

  • when the Wise men arrived on January 6th they stormed the Canaan Capitol Building

  • I know the words to the chorus of informer by snow

  • There was a short period where Rosa Parks could have watched Shrek

  • Tom Brady went to the same high school as Barry Bonds

  • steph curry is the best shooter of all time

  • tommy la stella

  • The Pledge of Allegiance is a prayer

  • The Baltimore Orioles are 38-82, which is almost as bad as my record on Diamond Dynasty

  • When Albert Pujols takes his home run trot he's actually sprinting

  • rome once liked my post

  • I can spell Grishahakkaverchynot by memory

  • I own an Ohio flag

  • Aleksandar Vučić is the tallest current world leader at 6'6", and he's even taller than the tallest president was, Abraham Lincoln

  • Turkey has the slowest internet speed in Europe

  • Turkey is the namesake for the bird, although there are no natural species of turkeys from Turkey

  • I watched Ketel Marte play for the Aces, which is the Triple-A affialiate of the Dbacks, before he was in the majors

  • I can't recall anyone I've met with a last name that starts with e

    And I've met a lot of people

  • There's someone with two nations in this list

  • I hate cheese

  • In ancient Rome, they didn’t talk about Juno-no-no

  • Amber is the color of your energy

  • You can not be a looser by turning like notifications off

  • Clark from Lewis and Clark was named Will Clark