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Callista + Friends Iceberg

What is an iceberg?
An iceberg is a type of tier list, but instead of ranking the best at the top and worst at the bottom, it has the most common known ordinary facts at the top, but strange, obscure facts at the bottom.

No explaining any of the jokes unless you make a full “iceberg explained” video where you have to cover every subject on the chart. Oh wait, there’s multiple now! Check out Barlyy’s Dispatch and BalookingdomYT on YouTube.


1.0: Iceberg released
1.1: Changed to “Callista straight up dies”
1.2: Added danby swanton!!!, Mitt Rhombus, Baloo’s location square, and Saarz’s Luck.
Removed “Dedede’s drum dash deluxe” (it was filler)
1.3: Added Changelog, Dark Edgyness, and Explanation links.