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The Federation of Nooooooooooooooo
Federatija Nooooooooooooooo


Motto: "I have finally made it." -Gus Angoreje

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Population: 10,207 million (2020 census)
Density: 15000 per sq. mile

Capital: Salabrachon
Largest City: Gomona City

Official Language: Kloom
National Language: English

LinkDemonym: Noon

Government: LinkFederal LinkPresidential LinkConstitutional LinkRepublic
- LinkPresident: John Edwards
- LinkVice President: George Calvinson
- Speaker of the State of Salabrachon: John Gór

- Senate; Speakership; Salabrachon Parliament

Establishment: from Skratmalatis
Independence: February 5th, 1827

Land Area
1500 mile²
804.672 km²
Water Area: 500 mi²
Water %: 25%

Highest Point: Conakija Mountain 100,000 ft.
Lowest Point: Dramana Basin -52 ft.

GDP (nominal): 1,388 trillion Angorejes
GDP (nominal) per capita: 136,012.98 Standard Monetary Units

HDI: ^95.61 Human Development Index very high

LinkCurrency: Angoreje (Æ)

LinkTime Zone: LinkUTC -7

Drives on the: LinkRight

Calling code: +215

ISO 3166-3 code: noo

Internet TLDs: .noo, .com.noo, .gov.noo, .org.noo,
.net.noo, .ac.noo, .edu.noo, .mil.noo, .kloom.noo


Nooooooooooooooo, officially, The Federation of Nooooooooooooooo (Kloom: Federatija (pronounced: fedrː ateː ja) Nooooooooooooooo), is a nation in the region of Karanlik Yollar. It has forests, mountains, cities, and an eco-friendly government. It is located in the north of the region, an Linkarchipelago, and is bordered on the south by Skratmalatis. The Linkofficial capital is Salabrachon, named after William Sala, 1st President, and brachon meaning city, so Salabrachon translates to Sala City. Although some locals might even say that the capital is Gomona City, that is just the largest city.

It is very well known that Nooooooooooooooo has a large economy, averageness rating, and to some extent, taxation, which Nooooooooooooooo is ranked 1st in the region for. It is common to see people on the sidewalks dancing, and flowers blooming in the rural areas. Some might even say that people are "Especially Intelligent," but Nooooooooooooooo is only ranked 514th in Karanlik Yollar

The Federation is a member of the World Assembly, and according to the International Power Classification Organisation, Nooooooooooooooo is ranked as a LinkSmall Power, and as a Secondary Power by the International Power Index.





When Skratmalatis came over from 10000 Islands, they found land with indigenous people on it. The people screeched the word No (Indigenous god of wealth) only at a certain time, every day. The colonists called the land Nooooooooooooooo Territory, and since a double o makes an ou sound, as in you, the called them Noons, and this just happened to be the Linktime that they would scream. This made perfect sense to the Skratmalatians, so the name was since kept until today.


Main Article: Timeline of Nooooooooooooooo

After Skratmalatis came over and Dubbed it 'Noon Territory,' The Noons thought that Skratmalatians had a bit too much power, and therefore started a revolution. The Noon War of Independence, or The Noon Revolution spanned about 2 months. The nation has gone under nine names since.

The LinkTerritory of Nooooooooooooooo was the name of Nooooooooooooooo for a brief 2 months before The LinkPrincipality of Nooooooooooooooo came into existence. In 1847, it was renamed to The LinkRepublic of Nooooooooooooooo until 1856 when Nooooooooooooooo was under Linkoccupation by and then a LinkState of Skratmalatis for a brief period during the War of Coolistan, also called the War of the Brothers because of the heavy economic ties between the two nations. From 1857 to 1967, a LinkFederal Republic, and from 1967 to 2000 it was a Linkcommunist republic when the Linkcommunist party won, and from 2000 to now it was dubbed the LinkFederation of Nooooooooooooooo.

Early Tribes

The LinkEarly Tribes of Nooooooooooooooo were made of of 4 physical groups: The LinkMountains, The LinkRivers, The LinkPlains, and The LinkCoast Tribes. The Mountains Tribes were mainly peaceful with themselves. The River tribes were outgoing. They like other tribes that were friendly with them. The Plains and Coastal Tribes, were mainly kept to themselves, but invited most who came. But after the Skratmalatians came in, and drove the tribes out, they became confined to Linkone area, all interacting with each other.


The name "Noon Territory" comes from the name that Skratmalatian Linkexplorers gave the land, specifically Jacob Sorír. Later, after the 1827 Revolution, they renamed it to the Territory of Nooooooooooooooo. This name lived for only 2 months, and now it has become obsolete.


The Principality of Nooooooooooooooo lived a bit longer from 1827 to 1847. William Sala changed the name from the Territory to the Principality because he considered The Territory of Nooooooooooooooo an offensive name. When Jonas Conakija came into power, he renamed it to the Republic.


The Republic of Nooooooooooooooo was the name from 1847 to 1856. During this period, The War of the Brothers broke out, and Jonas Conakija had passed certain laws, but in 1856, he died, leaving William Sala as the President.

Occupied Republic

See Also: The War of the Brothers

When Skratmalatis reached Salabrachon, the Noon and Skratmalatian governments shook hands and agreed to rename the nation to The Occupied Republic. The two leaders agreed that Skratmalatis would not declare Nooooooooooooooo as a state.

Skratmalatian State

But in 1857, The Skratmalatians broke the treaty and declared Nooooooooooooooo a state. This led to major controversy between the two nations, thus continuing the War.

Federal Republic

The name of Federal Republic lived from 1857 to 1967 for 110 years; the longest living name. During this period, there was a lot of action, including LinkWorld War I, LinkWorld War II, and several protests during LinkThe Great Depression.

Communist Republic

The Communist Republic lasted from 1967 to 2000 after a wave of Linkcommunism came after Josef Stalin met with Speaker of the State of Salabrachon, Thomas Williams, in 1933. Despite being the first communist leader, the title of Communist Republic only started when Coda Tal Jr. renamed the country in 1967. Darrel Stomana, the first leader from the liberal party during this time, was quickly overthrown due to a communist majority in the Senate and Salabrachon Parliament. In 1994, Barry Maxman was elected, who ended the title of Communist Republic in 2000.


After 2000, when Barry Maxman changed the name, no party has been elected besides the Liberal Party. But on March 9th, 2019, the State of Starmana has tried to break away.


Satelllite View of Nooooooooooooooo

The Federation of Nooooooooooooooo in total spans 200,000 sq. miles, though the land percentage is only 75%. There are 17 states and all of them have Linkrepresentatives in the Speakership. The City of Salabrachon has it's own sector, and there are 13 representatives, one for each Linkdistrict of the capital. Salabrachon is not the largest city however, that title goes to Gomona City, the so-called "Capital" of Nooooooooooooooo. There are so many people in the country saying that Gomona City is the capital, it has even been nicknamed 'the local capital.' Nooooooooooooooo is on a Linkvolcanic island Linkchain called the Islánd a Volcanocija (LinkEnglish: Volcanic Islands). The tallest Linknon-extinct Linkvolcano is Mount Correalo (Kloom: Móntá Correalo). The tallest volcano in general though, is Conakija Mountain. The biggest Linkisland is named Sala Island, after William Sala. The smallest island is named Williams island after Thomas Williams, a famous Linkwriter and (although they are not proud of it,) the first Linkleader of the communist party in 1860. This was the first and only communist stretch in the nation at this point. It was also the peak of the communist party in the Linkseats of Nooooooooooooooo. Nooooooooooooooo is also the birthplace of the world's oldest still-standing Linklighthouse, Marapolís Lighthouse, Mara meaning sea, and polís meaning police. The term 'seapolice' was coined by the novelist John Hartman in his book, The Elevated Valley.

Lowest and Highest Points

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The lowest point, Dramana LinkBasin (Dramana meaning "dry"), is at -52 ft below Linksea level, the Linklowest point in the VA. This is also the site of only one percent of deaths in Nooooooooooooooo and Coolistan. Sometimes, people go out on the side of the road to dig down a foot or two to make it farther below sea level. A recent study showed that an average of five people go out to dig only once every Linkdecade. But the highest point in all of Nooooooooooooooo, would have to go to the 100,000 foot Conakija Mountain. This mountain is the region's tallest, and is actually at one of the ends of The LinkElevated Valley, and is only 100,000 feet above sea level. The base of the mountain is 50,000 feet below sea level. So, the entire mountain is 150,000 feet tall, not to mention people piling rocks up at the top to make it taller, so, the mountain is 150,010 tall, plus people unofficially piling rocks up each month. Unofficially, it's 150,027 feet tall.

10 Largest Cities

Further Information: 50 Largest Cities



City Poulation



Gomona City












Kalija City
























West Salabrachon



There are 17 states in the Federaton, 4 of which, host at least one of the top 10 biggest cities in the nation. Each state has a few counties each. The nation has only 173 Linkcounties, each voting on a president.

Noon county map


See Also: Speakership and Senate and Noon Constitution

Each state has at least 8 counties or in the capital, 10 Districts, which vote on who should be president.

Voting system

The Linkvoting system for Noooooooooooooo has two main parties: Liberal and Conservative. The Liberal Party wins in just about every major metropolitan area, and the Conservative Party has only one in one major metro area: Salabrachon. Yes, in 1856, the Communist Party beat the Liberal Party, and the Conservative Party beat the Green Party. The Communist Party went against the Conservative Party. Liberal citizens did not vote in Salabrachon, therefore, the Conservatives won in the capital city. The other states voted overwhelmingly Communist, before Linkgerrymandering was fixed, and so the Communists won in Nooooooooooooooo. More recently, however, the Liberal Party has gotten an eleven-year stretch.

2016 Linkelection results
-Blue: Liberal Party
-Red: Conservative Party

The Federation of Nooooooooooooooo has a type of electoral system known as LinkProportional representation. Once a candidate has reached the majority of votes and can hold the lead until voting ends, that candidate wins. They also have a system known as devolution. This means that government is split up into four powers: Federal, Statial, County, and City. Federal Government takes care of laws and bills, as well as international affairs and foreign relations. Statial Government takes care of Gubernatorial elections, state highways, vehicle registration, and Speaker elections. County Government takes care of roads, unincorporated neighborhoods, Senator elections, and watershed protection. City Government takes care of city roads, pipes, paths, building construction, City Council and Mayoral elections, and garbage collection.

Foreign Relations

The nation has many foreign relations, and many embassies with other nations.


The nation has approximately 5 Billion Noons and that number is expected to double by May 2023. The nation is expected to have 7 billion citizens by December 2021. People like to say Noons are 'very intelligent,' but Nooooooooooooooo is only rated 602nd in 10000 Islands. The nation has no national religion, and people have different cultures.


In the north, near Salabrachon, people are usually more liberal than in other places. The states in the north are Capital, Gomona, Elusnada, Gaht, and Carna. The largest cities in The North are Gomona City, and Salabrachon. The West is also liberal, except in the southwest. The states in The West are Williams, Salastad, Deraldna, Gorrodno, and Keiskleiy (pronounced KEES-klay). The East has 4 states and is more conservative than the North or West. The states here are Geidgusalarn (geed-GOOSE-uh-lurn), Calcallo, Streebab, and Morrand. The South is the most conservative of the regions, and has only 3 states. Manadija, Coscona, and Starmana.


Some famous music includes songs from Mountain Cloud, Cat Friends, Daniel Baker, For the Greater Good, and Chris Darter.

Best Hits


#1 Hit

#2 Hit

#3 Hit

Mountain Cloud

The Worse


Walking Downtown

Cat Friends


Most Wonderful Person

Let's Come Together

Daniel Baker


One Way Door


For the Greater Good

The Birth of a Legend

Merit Badge


Chris Darter


Have Fun


Nooooooooooooooo also has some other favorites from earlier artists like LinkMichael Jackson, LinkThe Beatles, and LinkThe Rolling Stones, but they aren't as popular as the current favorites.


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Nooooooooooooooo has many different sports, namely baseball, American football, soccer/football, and basketball. The most common sport is baseball (VABL), with 18 teams. The VA Football League (VAFL) has only 8 teams, the Professional Basketball League of Nooooooooooooooo (PBLN), has 10 teams, and the Noon Soccer League (NSL) has 8 teams.


Economic Indicators

Currency: Angoreje
Fiscal Year: 1 June - 31 May

GDP (nominal): 254.417 Trillion Angorejes
GDP (nominal) per capita: 20,470.20 Angorejes
Unemployment Rate: 2.81%

Nooooooooooooooo is close friends with Skratmalatis. This is because of their Linkgeographic location and that 50% of Linktrade routes go to the nation. They also have been next to each other for over Link100 years. These two countries also are the most popular destinations for tourism between the two nations, and most Linkimmigrating and Linkemigrating has taken place between the nations.

Highway System

Main Article: Noon Highway System

The Noon LinkHighway System comprises of 17 State highway abbreviations, and 1 Interstate abbreviation. Highways in Nooooooooooooooo are widely used, for school, shopping, friends & family, work, and fun activities. Many cars go across the highways each day.

Radio Station System

Main Article: Noon Radio Stations

The Radio Station System works just like the Highway System, with a few different rules, such as home Linkradios, Kloom radios, etc.


The currency of Nooooooooooooooo is the Angoreje. It was named after Gus Angoreje, founder of the currency. In 1847, the government voted on it and it was approved. Today, 1 Angoreje = 1.0014 US Dollars.


The Noon Military is not very large. It only has about 2,000 people in it. However, a vote was cast in 2016 to disband the military, and 82% of the Senate and Speakership combined voted to disband it. This bill was passed by Steven Rilo in December of 2017, and the law was put into effect on March 25th, 2020. The Budget is about 1,000,000Æ, but recently, because of the Linkgun control law, the military has had a downhill slope.


LinkTransportation in Nooooooooooooooo is mainly Linkcars, which operates on 1,222,194.7 miles of roads. The Federation has one of the largest automobile industries in the world. There are many public transport systems as well. Bus, rail, and subway systems exist, and they are funded by the government. The Noon Airline System is government funded, but the people who fund it are not part of the Cabinet or executive branch.

Noon Airline System

Main Article: Noon Airports

The Noon Airline System (NAS) is run by the Noon Commission of Air Travel, Aeronautics, and Aviation, often abbreviated NCATAA. NCATAA is an organization based in the capital, Salabrachon. The most prominent airline is Noon Airlines, with Air Nooooooooooooooo and Salabrachon Airlines behind. Of course, there are other non-domestic airlines that travel into Nooooooooooooooo, such as LinkUnited Airlines, LinkAer Lingus, and LinkBritish Airways, but they are not the most prominent airlines for domestic travel.


Nooooooooooooooo uses a high amount of energy per capita. About 65% of The Federation's electricity comes from solar energy, with some petroleum and mine resources. Other electricity sources are from vast natural gas and coal reserves, and from power plants in Gaht. Some 43% of Nooooooooooooooo's transportation sector uses fuel, although rising costs have led to a development in green energy.

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