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January Endorsement Drive 2022

Starting Endorsements: 455
Current Endorsements: 468
Endorsement Goal: 480

January Endorsement Drive

Wischland's endorsement count has been slowly growing since the start of the New Year, but with the recent influx of new nations, there are over 150 nations who have not endorsed her yet. In addition, there are more than 100 nations under the minimum endorsement cap.

To spur endorsement activity, the Delegate's office, the WA Secretariat, and the Ten thousand Islands Brigade of Official Endorsers (TIBOE) will be holding a January Endorsement Drive to increase the endorsement count of the Delegate and lower the number of nations below the minimum endorsement cap. Our goal for this event is that by the end of January, the Delegate will have 480 endorsements and the list of nations under 20 endorsements will be considerably shorter.

If you have received a "Notification" from this Dispatch, it is because you are not yet endorsing the Delegate! Your nation is "tagged" in the spoiler below. The best way to avoid getting too many notifications in the future is to endorse the Delegate!

Great Virgin,Old zemlya,Zulcanmaral,Kebera,Zopciria,Delga island,Ykyss,Anarchotopia Magnus,Great kolovia,Equatorial soviet russia,Leavolt,Werstoneland,Barkdull,The new slavic state,North moolchandani,Nordestiana,Orangews,The jradsen islands,Johnne Green,Yya,Rosianne,Oustri,The aerics,The brills,Karlando,Bragance,North Northland,Taiqar,New Caliver,Bel horizonte,The liftocracy,New united portugal,Kyisq,Bean burrito puppy,Gay stan,Ateri,Republic of manciv,Island talisia,Arctic Coalition,Matini,Miliarat,Fastcooper,Soeta,Kotrua,Witch community,Freemansvale,Waitiki,Lesbia,Waday,The templars empire,Asplundh,EPLM,Thisisgod,Empire of The Robloxians,Giripon,Bulari,Northern Stan Ryoms Law,Chargren,Hejzig,Erzherzogtummilitary,Social Republic Of Bebra,Farialand,Verlos,Koq island,Eazykillerstan,North Rainier,Chussha,Trognoult,Luciz,New goldenland,Federacao,Wischland,Pogba,The Drisia,Lorpintria,Galatico,Souperdiesons,Estados unidos dos mundos,Criffonica,Glaciancious,Drewusank,Lixeira,Empire of Jue,Contravistan,New ther ottle islands,Samuelisia,The breen republic,Bowen hill,Houbur,Wol nicakujuuna,Greater julta,Fruinia and the islands of mycroa,Mushroom witches,United ants of america,Doffankan,Germanic and Jewish people,The Odyssyian Islands,Ordenian,Blagoewgrad,Raioge,Angelandcia,Karlstejn,Grandense,Endalm,Ferinionque,Indiana liberation army,Ins slanquilandianopia,The void collective,Matterland,Republic of Demonia,Darssa,7b7t,Yeetmaster747,Yarlsberg,Aujourdui,Fuggettaboutit,Qamariah,Leirkra,Sudsu,Peruanistan,The Parandeam,Zachs states,Seirenna,Selaoui,Afirstan,Cafu and malaguay,Canadian North California,Xanthiam,The Carefully Concerned Cashiers,Northern ravenlight,Tribes of the desert,Free city of atlas,Pabyn,Condato,Da aguia de ouro,Amestrisakas,Lorna shore,Novo reino de atlas,Claerkley,Solowan union,Golden fish,Arcadiabay,Ghiamonga,Kevin vi britannia,Tholosis,East shetland,Belevicha,Northen peoplestan,Triunes of croatia,Future of mankind,The south summer,Perzische Keizer,Mundo gay,Slickvania,Gforcebond,The Hashima Island Republic,Magnificent arthur,Bramerda,Divies fonia, Sul Dos Guri,Vill Send, St Lennys Island,Melondonia,Novo estado da america,Sorkas

Also, please endorse these nations!

KanaiaEistPaffniaPetalumadomWoonrocket-Echolilia-GforcebondEddyboolandOomZopciriaKeemtropiaXanthiamMelondoniaUnited ants of americaDemocratieKananjiCafu and malaguayCanadian North CaliforniaMurphtanniaBulariSerkSolowan unionCriffonicaNeurks BoodalTaiqarVerlosHouburDreabarBarbie DreamsDraettorMemlandSam pomickyGreat koloviaHellieonDishindThebumbasNeocorpolandManuelian EmpirePeala kinPabynEcraraChristolinaPlayushzashtitSaphoranKyisqDrewusankSelaouiTageraAngelandciaWestern New YakernPlecotopiaRosianneBirrivsiaMarothFortherepublicDoffankanXaymaManapSoetaLorna shoreThe jradsen islandsFake vietnamHousterSyediansKanyctaZachs statesThe lyonnaisRepublic of hiwasariaChaderlandiaOld zemlyaCondatoHejzigCalla HambryGlacianciousMoon-foxSorkasAfirstanPaces pointeIndiana liberation armyHerkalaLorpintriaFuggettaboutitInknessFerinionqueErzherzogtummilitaryOzpins dwellingNorth moolchandaniThe liftocracyLa EspanyaEndalmThe new slavic stateHydranniaDelga islandBean burrito puppyThe aericsTriunes of croatiaYassificatoriaRihimePetroviazNordestianaItapevaFrasalWol nicakujuunaRufurdiaDos pensadoresNovo reino de atlasFree city of atlasKotruaSamuelisiaMagnificent arthurGalaticoAteriKoq islandBel horizonteLucizFederacaoSul Dos GuriNew ther ottle islandsGrandenseIns slanquilandianopiaWushiaWadayBucetiaThe atomic wastesCellienTrognoultYeetmaster747Arc andrenosDarssaNovo estado da americaBraganceAquilealAmestrisakasMushroom witchesThe brillsThaeburgKuria-mitoshiEstados unidos dos mundosFarialandBramerdaRepublic of DemoniaIlhas providenciaLarthazicThe great garmillasNew united portugalTribes of the desertMundo gayMieruko-chan nationThisisgodArcadiabayLushianiaCynpeonLeft splurgGirafas falantesRhymiaThe templars empireSouperdiesonsDa aguia de ouroLixeiraDivies foniaUnited rauld debowerndThe DrisiaFruinia and the islands of mycroaQamariahNova betuliaNew CaliverChusshaIsland talisia

Why are Delegate endorsements important?

Great question! Why does it matter if anyone endorses the Delegate. There are three crucial reasons:

  • Endorsing the Delegate makes the region more secure. In NationStates, the Delegate seat is the mechanism by which raiders take over a region. As a fairly large region, and a region with an active founder, 10000 Islands is largely isolated from these risks, and could never be destroyed completely. However, rival regions do have an interest in securing the Delegate seat, even if just momentarily, to embarrass the region. Each additional endorsement the Delegate has is one more player that raiders would have to have on their side in order to embarrass the region like this.

  • Endorsing the Delegate increases your power in the World Assembly. Delegates in the WA have special voting powers where they get to cast a vote worth 1 + the number of endorsements the Delegate has. Our goal is to get Delegate Wischland to 325 endorsements which would give her 326 votes in the World Assembly. Why is this good for you? The 10000 Islands Delegate always Linkvotes the result of forum WA voting polls, which means you get an outsized influence on how those 326 votes will be cast. But in order to get there, you have to endorse the Delegate.

  • A large WA vote is crucial to advocating for defender values. To our core, 10000 Islands is a defender region. Even for members who aren't actively participating in TITO, our region's stated political purpose is the safety and sovereignty of innocent regions that did not ask to become part of some "raiding and defending game". However, sometimes raiders get a strategic leg up and a Security Council Liberation, which removes the password from a region thereby preventing raiders from destroying it, is the last chance to preserve the community. At moments such as those, we need to make sure our WA vote is at its absolute strongest to preserve the sovereignty of defenseless regions.

What will we be doing for this event?

Monday, 24th of January

  • Endorsement drive begins

Tuesday, 25th of January

Wednesday, 26th of January

Thursday, 27th of January

Friday, 28th of January

  • "Endorse Wischland" reminder contest winners announced

Saturday, 29th of January

  • Continue working on submissions for the banner contest!

Sunday, 30th of January

  • "Endorse Wischland" banner contest deadline extended!

Monday, 31st of January

  • "Endorse Wischland" banner contest closes; winners announced

  • End of the January Endorsement Drive


  • TIBOE will be recognizing nations on the RMB. Each day, every new nation who endorses the Delegate will get a special shout-out from TIBOE on the RMB! As always, nations who endorse the Delegate will also receive the Mangos of The Isles award in the monthly World Assembly Supremacy Program published by the WA Secretariat.

  • TIBOE will also be privately contacting nations below the minimum endorsement cap with information about endotarting and its importance.

"Endorse Wischland" Banner Contest
Submissions open: 25th of January at 12:00 am CST
Submissions close: 31st of January at 12:00 am CST
It's quite simple: design a banner themed around endorsing Wischland. For examples, check out this dispatch. Get creative as you want, but keep it family-friendly. For best effect, the banner should have an aspect ratio of 4:1 (or 1200x400 pixels). To enter, send a photo of your finished banner to Liberdon. Do not reveal your submission before the winners are announced or you will be disqualified. All submissions will be judged by XKI Delegate Wischland, TIBOE Secretary Gonggong, and Cultural Officer Thedairos. The first place winner will receive a legendary NS trading card; the second place and third place winners will receive an epic trading card each. The winners will also have their banners featured in a special dispatch that will be advertised on the RMB.

"Endorse Wischland" Reminder Contest
Date: 27th of January (all-day)
Platform: RMB
To participate, all you have to do is post your most creative "Endorse Wischland" reminder on the RMB! You are welcome to post more than one but keep in mind that only one of your reminders will be eligible to win. Also, please follow RMB rules when posting. Three of the best reminders will be selected to receive an epic trading card.

Mini Office Hours
Date: 26th of January
Time: 1:00-3:00 pm CST
Platform: RMB
XKI WA Delegate Wischland and TIBOE Chair Liberdon will be on the RMB to answer questions about the drive, WA, endorsements, and anything else you might want to ask!

Do you have ideas to increase Delegate endorsements?

Do you have an idea about how to reach nations about endorsing the Delegate? No idea is too bad to be said out loud! If you have an idea, you should telegram Delegate Wischland and TIBOE Chair Liberdon. If we like your idea and think it can be implemented, we'll award you a random Legendary card and recognize you on the RMB and forum for your contribution!