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Epic Rap Battle: Tigran L. Petrosian vs Wesley So

Are you kidding?
What the **** are you talking about man?
I'm the greatest blitz player
Comin' straight outta Yerevan

You're the biggest loser
Look at my all-time results
You're an Islamophobic user
So stop it with your insults!

Quit behaving like a child
We can handle this like men
You're just a player who's crying
Every time he can't win

The secret gin you say?
I just call it water
Why don't we settle this with a bet:
5000 dollars

Hey, I ain't trying to pick a fight
At least not yet
You're inviting me to a 5000 dollar bet?

I know you used Stockfish
So I'll take the bait
I hope you can play
Better than Vachier-Lagrave