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Copypasta for yall

I have no taste? I have no taste?!?!?! I will have you know that I have listened to numerous albums by over 672 artists, and Iíve listened to every single song on them, whether I like them or not! I knew those 3 and a half years werenít wasted, because if they were, I wouldnít be here talking about them to you! I hope your elbows fall off, and your big toe is stubbed on the blade of a chainsaw that was used by me! I canít believe you would say something so demeaning about me, but itís honestly not surprising, considering the fact that youíre just an inconsiderate numbskull that canít handle me not getting one of your dark jokes. Be honest to yourself: do I seem like a guy with no taste? If the answer is yes, then youíre an idiot. If you said no, youíre still an idiot because you still had to ask that question! Name a song, Iíve listened to it! Loser by Beck? Yes! Mr. Booze from the Family Guy episode? Yes! If you keep talking that way, Iíll sue you to the ground until your blood is so dry that youíll have to get an iron lung! Good night.