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Regional Telegram (13 January 2022)

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[box][font=Avenir, Segoe UI][size=120][align=justify]My fellow South Pacificans and valued Minions,

I hope you are all doing well! I'm telegramming your Honourable Leadership with three matters that are all related to the [url=]World Assembly[/url].

As you no doubt may be well aware, the Coalition has recently begun the voting round for the [url=][b]Delegate Election[/b][/url] to select a South Pacifican as my successor. As a Minion, your vote is critically important and I warmly encourage you to cast it [url=][b]here[/b][/url]. All the pertinent information has been laid out by Election Commissioner [nation]Kringalia[/nation] and is accessible in the below dispatch.

The Delegacy is an important position of trust and a source of security for our thriving democracy. In this role, they are supported by the members of the [url=]Coral Guard[/url] which is a body of Minions who serve as a defence against external and internal security threats. In that vein, [b]your endorsement of the Coral Guard[/b] is a vital contribution to the South Pacific! Endorsing is easy! Just click on the nations listed below, scroll down the page, and click the button '[i]Endorse ...[/I]'!

[spoiler=List of Coral Guard members]~~~~~

[nation]Aidenfieeld[/nation], [nation]Amerion[/nation], [nation]Auphelia[/nation], [nation]Beepee[/nation], [nation]Concrete Slab[/nation], [nation]Ebonhand[/nation], [nation]Holy Free[/nation], [nation]Land Without Shrimp[/nation], [nation]PenguinPies[/nation], [nation]Purple Hyacinth[/nation], [nation]Tepertopia[/nation], [nation]Tsunamy[/nation], and [nation]073 039 109 032 080 111 112 112 121[/nation]


Last but not least, may I also encourage you to consider the merits of the current proposal before the [url=]Security Council[/url], '[i]Commend One Small Island[/I]'. The determination of the [url=]Cabinet[/url] is a recommendation to [b]vote against[/b] "[i]due to concern about the quality of the proposal's research and construction[/I]". In saying that, I trust you will evaluate the proposal by your own national standards and vote accordingly.

All of which underscores the centrality of the [url=]World Assembly[/url] in [region]the South Pacific[/region]. It is perhaps the most visible element of our world and I hope you will take this opportunity to consider joining the global institution if you haven't already done so.

Thank you for taking the time to read this telegram and I wish you all the very best! ^-^

Your Supreme Leader,

Delegate of [region]the South Pacific[/region],

The Supreme Leader of all Minions, His Majesty, the Admiral Delegate General Stewie G., Delegate of [region]the South Pacific[/region], the Magnificent Ultimate Leader of all of NationStates, High Autocrat of the [url=]New Minion Order[/url], King of Kings, Democratic President and Prime-Minister-For-Life, Chairman and Supreme General Secretary Admiral of the [url=]People’s Republic of the South Pacific[/url], Invincible and All-Triumphant Lord Commander, Grand Dentist of the Ice Cream Association, Chief Ophthalmologist and board-certified Dermatologist of the South Pacific Special Forces, Brilliant Genius of Humanity, Noble Prize winner in everything but Peace, and Benevolent Oppressor and Ruthless Protector of the Expendable People of [nation=short]Amerion[/nation].[/size][/align][/font][/box]