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TSPtris 2022

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Welcome to TSPtris 2022! This is a tetris competition using [url=][/url] for people residing in the South Pacific, hosted by the Ministry of Culture. A account and a discord account in the [url=]regional discord server[/url] is required. It will be a double elimination tournament, which means that there will be a regular bracket and a loser's bracket, for people who lost a match in the regular bracket. In the finale, the winner of the regular bracket and the loser's bracket will play a match and whoever wins will get a [url=]S2 Baggieland[/url] sent to their TSP nation and a special discord role for event winners.

Every match is made up of multiple rounds. In the beginning of the bracket (the first column), it will be First to 5 (FT5), which means whoever wins 5 rounds is the winner of the match and will advance to the next part of the bracket. Every column, the amount of rounds needed to win goes up by 2 until we hit FT11, or when there are no more matches left. An example of how to set the amount of rounds needed to win on is shown [url=]on this video[/url].

We will use [url=]Challonge[/url] to show the bracket.

Sign ups will close on the 13th, and you may begin playing your matches on the 16th. There is no set date on when the tournament will end, however we hope all games will be finished by the 21st.

[url=]Forum Thread[/url]