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Welcome to Callistortzska!
~lmao we never improve~
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Looking for a casual region with chili, funny memes that never get updooted, and me spamming? If so, Callista is the region for you! We have a great population of helpful NS veterans[citation needed], lool noobs, and much more. Looking to get involved in politics? Telegram Baloo Kingdom saying something bad about centrism! Also, if you are in the World Assembly, remember to endorse the Delegate, Prime Minister, King, Commissioner, Sultan, Shogun, Secretary-General, Prince, Kaiser, Eternal Chancellor-For-Life, and definitey not cult leader Baloo Kingdom and His Five-Year-Old Majesty, s o r i a n o r a !

Barlyy wrote:Having fun is mandatory!

liberal obama LAMESTREAM fake news media:
  • Here’s to 2022 being as bad as the last year!

  • Barlyy sucks (literally)

Endorsement cap: 69