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Auxiliary Defense Network


Auxiliary Defense Network.

Give me the short version.

The ADN is a loose coalition of nations who come together to liberate occupied regions from raider oppression. Interested nations/individuals should join this LinkDiscord.

What is raiding and why do we need to stop it?

Raiding is a practice where groups of nations attack vulnerable and innocent regions by seizing their World Assembly Delegate position shortly before the holder of the position is (re)calculated. Once they have done this, they vandalize the region's page by altering its flag and World Factbook Entry, close its embassies forcefully, and in more desperate cases, even eject and ban native residents of the region. Countless regions have been harmed beyond recovery or outright destroyed because of raiders’ desire to inflict such harm simply for their own amusement.

Regions which are raided often are unable to take on the invaders alone, so that's where we come in.

Defender militaries support these innocent regions by working to liberate them if they are raided. The ADN is a program to involve nations like you in liberating these regions so they can hopefully be liberated and then recover from these raids. As a member of the ADN, you can help save these regions from further destruction and make a real difference on NationStates!

So how do I join the ADN?

The ADN is a civilian-oriented coalition. This means anyone can join it, regardless of experience or lack of organizational membership. We welcome all nations interested in fighting for the cause. To join the ADN, join our LinkDiscord server where a Director of Operations will get you situated. For further questions or concerns, see the next section of this dispatch.

Who can I talk to for questions or to get others involved?

Below is a list of nations alongside their Discord tags (many of them are likely to respond quicker via Discord). All of these nations are experienced defender leaders and active in checking their nations and Discords.