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defense system

OPDS(Orbital Planet Defense System)
The OPDS is a NKB defense system implemented for the defense of an entire planet. It enables the dormant pentode beams in a particle to create a transparent matter shield that can ring around the entire planet, and uses the psionic forces in each node to deflect elemental attacks. The shields have also been blessed by the Beachgoers of the Sunless Beach to keep out theological attacks. It can resist a 1,050,000 gigaton yield from a tactical nuclear weapon and it will only take 15% efficiency out of it. The way it is implemented is using the OPDS.A module, around 10 on each planet. When it is activated, pentode activators will swarm out in a beam-like manner, enabling the pentode beams and forming a shield. They are currently installed on Kolon, Milton, Ruthalia-5 and Naypon. Plans are being made for 4 more to be built in the Solar System and the Ranfut System.
ARDS(Alpha Ray Defense System)
The ARDS is a NKB defense system implemented for defense of the main cities. It uses alpha rays to create an artificially radioactive beam to melt metals, and has been scientifically proven to be able to melt akyrlium alloy and cause meltdowns. It can also destroy electronics and computerized machines, so it can interrupt their firing beams and defend castles, and it can cause fires in engines. It has a 180 degree of fire, and they are placed near 100 cities, like Kowloon-by-the-Sea, Baywash and Miltonford. 5 are currently bring built in Oberon, Naypon and Syphilia.

The ARDS-HE is a variant gun of the ARDS, developed much, much later. Each gun contains a duo-Epilson ray firer which are capable of initating self-destructing particles in nuclear bombs to make them explode in the sky. To prevent against the nuclear waste that would occur, it uses the Hornivian equation to make a radial shield form around the bomb after the Epilson rays make contact with a bomb, and the radial shield also increases in size for 1 minute, thus neutralising the nuclear fallout. They are currently installed in all main planets, with 5 more being built currently.
CATDDS(City and Town Dome Defense System)
The CATDDS is a NKB defense system implemented for smaller cities and towns. It uses beta rays to create bands of spectra, forming a dome over and and under cities. It requires a 3 or more CATDDS modules to be placed around the town or city limits, and one or more underground. Two CATDDS modules being paired together have a max compatibility rate of 10km, and the shorter the distance, the more stronger the energy wall created. An CATDDS wall can deflect bombs and turret fire by using the radioactive elements to jam heat detectors and preemptively explode bombs. It has been proven to be able to withstand dark matter beams for around 3-5 minutes, which could be crucial to a battle. It is stationary, and has been placed in more than 1000 towns and cities because of its cheaper cost. 18 are currently being built in far-flung planets like the Solar System holdings and the smaller planets of the Triumpae System.
FDS(Fission Dome System)
The FDS is the first NKB defense system, and it has been implemented in the main cities, usually next to an ARDS turret. It uses acceleration sensors, and when the sensors go off, 15 explosive missiles will fly into the air at 35000 km/h at one or more targets. Upon coming within 25 meters of a target, it will automatically explode due to the Fitzergald contraction. It has a 180 degree of firing, and 14 are currently being built.
NKB MFW(Military Firewall)
To combat hackers and protect the cybersecurity of New Kowloon Bay, state-of-the-art cybersecurity anchors were enabled, and in times of war, these would protect all military networks and defend them from hackers using uploaded electrolasers, frying the attempted-entry computer to the point of not being able to usage. Every vehicle also equips Firewall Triggers, in the case that a core computer, or any computer is hacked in, and they will isolate that vehicle so it is disconnected from the Main Network, ensuring no hackers can get through.
LEDB(Last Emergency Defense Bomb)
The core of every main star has a small radioactive dyne tank built into it, using heterodyne waves to be able to manipulate the core of a planet. It may take time depending on the material of the core, but the Inverse Square Law dictates that it will take no longer than 10 minutes to explode. It is activated when the president presses a trigger which ignites dormant mesons and causes a chain reaction, making the planet explode. Unfortunately, usually less than 10% of the planet's inhabitants will get out in time, and all buildings and intelligence stored on the planet will explode, therefore IT IS ONLY TO BE USED AS A LAST RESORT.
'Dead Hand' Initiative
Lying dormant 10 km under the crust of every main planet are nuclear bombs able to self-guide to targets and suitable for spacefaring. They are all controlled by a singular AI that has switches to the main command centres of the NKB government, and if a nuclear strike successfully strikes and destroys the main government structure(ie. the death of the president, military generals), it will activate and send flurries of nuclear bombs towards enemies. It can also explode these bombs in their firing tubes to prevent use by enemies.ONLY TO BE USED AS A VERY VERY VERY VERY LAST RESORT.

Cybertronic Warfare
On the defensive side, data and communication encryption is nearly unbreakable and unable to be cut by any known force due to joint usage of highly advanced circuitry paired with semi-biological data usage and storage, mainly of which is Quattoatomic Alignment(QAA). To test this out, top generals decided to put the BIOI to use in a planetary quantum system to decrypt or cut the communications between two prototype QAA computer systems to create an estimate on how long it would take to break communications. It has been over 50 years. They are still computing.