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New Technologies That I'm Too Lazy To Explain Further


Travesrable wormholes: Traversable wormholes represent a class of exact metric solutions of the general relativistic field equations. The solutions are “exact” in the sense that no approximations requiring simplifying assumptions or specialized symmetries have to be made in order to derive the appropriate spacetime geometry. They were theorized by Professor Jane McCollen, but arduous work over a few years has created the theory of collapsible wormholes.

The desirable physical requirements, tooled over by a group of scientists, are as such.
1. Travel time through the wormhole tunnel or throat should be ≤ 1 year as seen by both the travelers and outside static observers.
2. Proper time as measured by travelers should not be dilated by relativistic effects.
3. The gravitational acceleration and tidal-gravity accelerations between different parts of a traveler’s body should be ≤ 1-g when going through the wormhole.
4. Travel speed through the tunnel/throat should be < c.
5. Travelers (made of ordinary matter) must not couple strongly to the material that generates the wormhole curvature; the wormhole must be threaded by a vacuum tube through which the travelers can move.
6. There is no event horizon at the wormhole throat.
7. There is no singularity of infinitely collapsed matter residing at the wormhole throat.

Although the requirements have been figured out, it is still in a prototype formation.

Superionized ice: This is contained in a grenade surrounded with [REDACTED] to block heat. The superionized ice exists only at temperatures 10K degrees Celsius and above, and when thrown on any metal, will slowly heat up the metal whilst increasing the conductivity, making it very useful for electromagnetic weapons after thrown.

Feng 2, it grows back faster yada yada but also eats at anything it sticks to including shields

And also those imperial guardian lions.

And the Fenghuangs.

And the Pixius.

And also the Wangliangs.

Aldrin cycler(no energy space travel)


Anti-Preonic shield


meatshield-liq 4793

electroionic bouncer-defend against drone swarms

solar array collector for bombs and large missiles

neutrusion orders

uploaded battalion? like it's all on cyberspace and then the weapons can materialise in real space idk(detailed a bit in new dispatch)

sword of damocles - class starships, basically ships shaped like swords or something

grasshopper-style base fighters

something something AT-AT spiders from star wars

solar sails-sunfish/moonfish style spaceships

scorpion/dragonfly/pincer beetle-style spaceships/landships

biomechanic offensive environment(espec.swamps) drones

IC - Known

Ghost Armour: It uses (relatively safe) atomic splitting to cause the user to become 'invisible', and due to cool fission, cannot be detected on heat radars. Although the splitting process is safer than the prototype, it will cause a small minor nuclear explosion, but most types of Kowlooni-standard civilian armour can block it.

Hardened UV Rays: 'Made' with vacuum ultraviolet, this thin bolt can cause serious cancerous diseases(if the victim isn't killed first), and can do aggressive corrosion to metals, making it lethal both to humans and robots. It is now the main type of bolt used in Kowlooni weapons. More research required.

Interceptor Shield: A shield that uses stellar [REDACTED] which was originally made for moving stars, it can use the neutral energy in the bolt fired and convert that using multiversal processes into Kowlooni bolts more powerful than normal, causing the bullets fired to be better than normal. Although useful, it does have a limiter and may cause the entire ship to explode.

Also BIG DRAGON ROBOT BASED ON CHINESE MYTHOLOGY: Literally a giant robot dragon, with all the newest Kowlooni technology.
-tienlong 2.0: biomorphic structure, can regrow using 4793 technology, can now be camouflaged with ghost armour, releases intermittent energy blasts, breaths of hydro, electro or salt, thrives in every environment, can "molt biometallic scales to adapt to different environments, can split body into different parts, "swiss army" appendages, can merge with semi-destroyed mechanics to absorb power, absorbs energy

I don't know, like a Feng. It grows back faster than it can be destroyed, and causes massive damage.

Aldrin cycler(no energy space travel)

zodiac fleet

fleet of the rat: smallest and most agile fleet, able to burrow underground, higher-than-standard ghost armour, able to detect invisible ships clearly, adapt to different environments, mainly used for medical emergencies

fleet of the ox: one of the largest fleets with enhanced shielding, upgraded hull material, ramming abilities boosted with metaplasmic buffs, most ships have small horn protrusions to let out drones, combines both strength and durability with some degree of manueverability

fleet of the tiger: slightly better camouflage, durability and agility, not as good as ox or rat though, can make "clone holograms" of themselves, enhanced vision capabilities.

fleet of the rabbit: enhanced agility, most ships can change place of weaponry and cabins in seconds, can regrow parts of its ships of the fleet, enhanced stealth and speed, still not as fast as a rat, smaller spacecraft can 'leap' from enemy ships to another ship whilst dealing damage and avoiding bullets

fleet of the dragon: largest and main fleet of NKB, contains the Tienlong 2.0s(more details above). enhanced speed, strength, agility, yada yada yada combines the best powers of the fleets, able to harness microscopic powers to deal minute blows to enemy ships, high-tech dragonlet drones to manipulate nanite capabilities

fleet of the snake: good agility and camouflaging skills against space, can change place of weaponry and cabins in seconds, some smaller unmanned drones can "stretch" and "wrap around" pieces of turrets and prevent them from firing

fleet of the horse: enhanced speed and speed endurance, can release drones (Each Usiage) can release adhesive that stick to shield and ships to silently attack/spy, ramming power almost as powerful as fleet of ox

fleet of the goat: great at adapting to different environments, really just a normal but sturdy fleet

fleet of the monkey: like fleet of the dragon, has a powerful combat skills, features the Papiaris(giant robot monkeys), monkeys who can use their tail, hands and limbs to swing from ship to ship and do damage, can produce drones from cheek pouches

fleet of the rooster: ships can recover lost parts by absorbing destroyed enemy ships using specialized biomechanic materials, again like fleet of the goat, but mostly used for support

fleet of the dog: space wolves. giant space wolves. need I say more?

fleet of the pig: heavy spaceships, enhanced interceptor shield technologies, enhanced defensive capabilties, best suited for siege defense

fleet of the cat: spying fleet, the unknown zodiac