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OBNN Issue 6

OBNN - 5th Issue

TOP STORY: Holy god editing this is hard on mobile

Nooooooooooooooo (I) started making these again, and now I must get rid of Domís rights to make this story. Now I have T O T A L C O N T R O L.

Also Sorianora request embassies with Eddies Madhouse plz ok thanks.

CARDS: Munie is now a transit service in San Francisco

After he OWNED the NS forums using FACTS and LOGIC, Munie decided to seek a simpler life, in Sandlfrandcisco. And if you knows anything about the city, you know that thatís not where anyone would go to seek a simpler life.

Anyway, munie changed his name to Muni (Thank god not Max Muncie) and now controls the world.

OPINION Fact: grain is dumb

What else is there to say, he lives with Vic, he hates Vic, and also at the same time is Vic.