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On how to govern effectively for the benefit of your citizens

We believe that for a country to be successful and it's citizens happy government should be kept at a minimum, freedom both personal and political to be kept at a maximum possible level and taxes at the lowest possible level as to still maintain order and protect the rights and property of citizens.

The struggle in such an endeavor would be balancing freedom with the protection of rights and liberties. We do not believe in equality of outcome as all people are made different, but we believe in the equality of opportunities and the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That is why we believe in private property and private enterprise, while we believe the state should not own businesses or pursue profit. We believe the state should offer protection from outside forces through the military and protection from inside forces through the police. Also rights and private property is guaranteed by a court system. These are the minimum requirements to have a functioning state.

In tandem with these we believe free education should be guaranteed to all citizens by an education voucher system that offers a fixed sum to all citizens for pursuing an education in a private school system. This voucher system includes university for those of the citizens who prove a talent and want to pursue higher education. We believe state schools have no place in a modern country as they are ineffective in offering proper education, but a modern country also assures that all their citizens have free access to education, as investment in education offers great returns for society.

Another point to which we are insistent is the offer of free minimum healthcare to our citizens. The system we prefer is a mix of private and state healthcare. We know that state healthcare is not the quality it should be and is less effective than private healthcare, but we also know that private healthcare is very expensive. We hold life sacred and life is not something that should have a price, but also reality says that treatment does indeed have a price. So the state offers minimum healthcare for life threatening conditions and treatment for ailments that could lead to serious conditions. On the other side private healthcare offers better services for those that can afford them, along with the treatment of less serious conditions and optional treatment (like plastic surgery).

We do not believe in convicting citizens for what are called 'victimless crimes', that is 'crimes' in which nobody or no ones property is damaged. Thus we believe in decriminalizing drug use and drug sale. This, we believe, will lead to safer usage, as well as the possibility for better treatment for addicts. A decriminalization of drug sale would lead to a de-structuring of drug cartels and so a drop in drug related violence.

We believe in liberty and individual freedoms so we believe all people deserve the right to get married to whoever they want as long as it is consensual. This guarantees protection for hetero, gay, bi couples as well as all other individuals.

Gun ownership is not prohibited but a background check is necessary to make sure unstable and dangerous individuals do not have access to weapons.

Elected officials will be voted for directly by citizens without the intermediation of an electoral college. Important laws as well as tax changes will be also voted on directly by citizens by using online blockchain platforms that guarantee safety and decentralization.

We do not believe in the existence of a supreme creator but in the power of the human will and empathy. We also respect the right to religion of our citizens. That means that the state will not sponsor any church or religion with public money, religions need to finance themselves through private funds and donations. We also forbid the teaching of any kind of religious belief in the school system, as we see the dangers of superstition on fragile young minds. The church is not allowed to have any involvement in politics or in the running of the state and we are firm in keeping them separate.

We believe in technology and science as we believe it is the only way forward. Thus we allow trans-humanist beliefs and allow the modification of the human body with the responsibility for the outcome resting on the patient and the company offering modifications. We encourage scientific endeavors by offering them a tax break but without offering financial assistance with taxpayer money.