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History of Liberdon! (World-Building Contest)

February 1901-A two-sail passenger ship called the RMS Libertania is shipwrecked on a large deserted island in the South Atlantic

May 1901-The survivors establish rudimentary housing using the remains of the RMS Libertania

June 1901-The survivors face a brutal winter; more than half of the original 1,500 survivors perish

January 1902-The SS Iguandon shipwrecks on the island; 500 survive

April 1902-A basic government begins functioning; the island is named Liberdon in honor of the RMS Libertania and SS Iguandon

January 1903-The Penguinax Par Republicum is drafted

March 31, 1903-The Glorious Republic of Liberdon is founded with the official adoption of the Penguinax

January 1904-Nicholas Polar is inaugurated as Liberdonís first president

1905-Rich iron deposits are discovered in caves underneath Liberdon

1907-The penguin is declared the national animal of Liberdon and becomes the main feature of the national flag

August 1910-A stray merchant ship from Argentina stumbles across Liberdon and its population of nearly 10,000, revealing Liberdon to the world

September 1910-Liberdon becomes a major provider of iron on the world market

July 1911-Electricity has been established throughout the towns of Liberdon

1915-A massive influx of European refugees arrive in Liberdon, boosting its population to nearly 500,000

1921-Liberdon gains international recognition as an independent nation

December 1929-The economy of Liberdon slumps as the Great Depression hits the world.

1931-Capitalism is adopted as Liberdonís national religion

1939-Liberdon declares neutrality in World War II

March 31, 1953-March 31st is designated Polarís Day in honor of Liberdonís first president

1985-Supreme Overlord Squall Arctic is elected President