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The Laika Accord (amended December 2022)

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The Laika Accord

Casual Language Version

After the nuclear fallout cleared, we, the members of the Leftist Assembly and the West Pacific felt the urge to keep the crab rave going. We like playing NationStates, and we like playing it together. Here is how we envision this going forward:

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Article 1: Got Your Six

We pledge not to engage in direct hostility. Instead, we’ll try to have each other’s six. We’ll do what we reasonably can when trouble knocks at each other’s door, and we’ll be ready to rumble.

Whenever one of us has to pass the baton to the next Delegate, we’ll do our part to assist in a smooth transition of power whenever it is safe to do so.

Sometimes raiding and defending make for awkward encounters. We won’t hold it against each other.

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Article 2: More NS Fun

We realized we like hanging out together, and we want to keep bringing digital strangers together to be digital friends.

We will collaborate with our card programs and have friendly competition with everyone (except Giovanniland with whom most of us can never compete). It is a party foul to heist, so we prohibit that among our region members, but inter-regional card contests are encouraged!

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Article 3: The Thing Formerly Known As The UN

In the realm of World Assembly gameplay, we’ll talk openly and freely with each other. We will do our best to support each other’s authored proposals too while also being real that sometimes our interests will diverge. We won’t target each other, and we won’t vote for or against any legislation that will harm any member of this agreement.

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Article 4: Game Manual

Once our relevant governing authorities ratify this accord, it takes effect. If the sun sets, any member can decide to back out provided that they give appropriate and prompt notice to the rest of this group. We can mutually agree to amend any stipulation to make it better or more fun.

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You found Bigfoot!

Formal Language Version

Whereas member regions The Leftist Assembly (herein TLA) and The West Pacific (herein TWP) have sought out closer regional ties, in recognition of successful diplomatic relations, and with the assent of the legitimate governments of those regions, the above regions agree to the following;

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Article 1: Mutual Defense Pact
  1. TLA and TWP shall endeavor to offer reasonable assistance where either region faces a direct threat to the stability of that region;

  2. TLA and TWP shall not engage in any direct hostilities towards each other;

    1. Participation on opposing sides of a military engagement does not constitute hostilities.

  3. TLA and TWP shall share information regarding any known direct or indirect threat to the other region;

  4. Should either region request it, TLA and TWP will assist in any World Assembly Delegate transfers which are permitted by the legal government of that region;

    1. Either region may be considered exempt from this if they believe doing so may add to an existing threat. In that case, the region is expected to advise the requesting nation of this.

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Article 2: Cultural Pact
  1. Each region will endeavor, where appropriate and/or possible, to engage in social and cultural activities with the other region, in celebration of the Laika Accord;

  2. The card programs of both regions shall agree to cooperation included but not limited to:

    1. The banning of heisting member regions programs.

    2. Inter-regional competitions.

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Article 3: World Assembly
  1. TLA and TWP shall commit to free conversation regarding World Assembly Resolutions, and are encouraged to support each other when putting forward resolutions. Nations of either region must not be punished for discussion of a resolution within any official channel of communication, except where this presents a clear violation of laws.

  2. The regions are not mandated to vote For or Against as a voting bloc.

    1. Except where the passage of such a resolution would present a risk to the security of either region.

  3. Either region may not pass any resolutions targeting the other region without express permission of the legitimate government of that region.

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Article 4: Proceedings
  1. This Treaty will come into force on the date of ratification by TLA and TWP as dictated by their respective governing procedures.

  2. Either region reserves the right to exit this Treaty. The exiting signatory must make reasonable efforts to notify the other as soon as possible.

  3. This agreement may be amended by mutual agreement of both regions.

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Signatories (original version)

The Communist Bloc, represented by:
Ant Kuznetsov (Pajonia), First Minister
Martyn Kiryu, Speaker of the Legislative Committee

The Leftist Assembly, represented by:
Greylyn, Secretary
Super Awesome Fun Times, Minister of Foreign Affairs

The West Pacific, represented by:
Dilber, Delegate of the West Pacific
Giovanniland, Minister without Portfolio
Fuentana, Minister without Portfolio
Varanius, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs

Signatories (updated version)

The Leftist Assembly, represented by:
Kavagrad, Secretary
Super Awesome Fun Times, Minister of Foreign Affairs

The West Pacific, represented by:
Giovanniland, Delegate of the West Pacific

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