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Motto: "Long Live the Union!"


Coat of Arms






Constitutional Republic


The noble thtcherites

WA Delegate:

The glorious hypetain


Die kronrinzessin


British isles and commonwalth realms

Chief Justice:


Chief Commissioner:

The gloious hypetrain

The Union of Democratic States is a democratic region dedicated to the ideals of freedom, justice, and security for all nations. Guided by these values, the political process is open to all, allowing any player to quickly climb the political ladder. The Union has an active population and is among one of the largest regions in NationStates. The community is tightly knit and is proud of the constitution and laws that guide the region. All nations are welcome to join the Union of Democratic States and to contribute to and advance the growth of this up-and-coming world power.

Thinking of Joining the Union of Democratic States?

The Union of Democratic States has many opportunities to offer to new players! Unlike many regions its size, the Union is very open to new players and receptive to new ideas. New players are invited to apply for citizenship, participate in the executive, or directly impact our laws, here you can rise through the ranks of government, partake in an enjoyable conversation on our discord chat, take part in roleplay, write for our regional newspapers, and much more!

  • Join our Discord – Discord is the region's primary form of communication. You can chat and hangout with almost anyone in the region on our server. Notable Union members like the Founder and President are available there. Joining Discord is very easy. To do so, follow the instructions listed in this [url=]article. Our server invite is Linkthis link here.

  • Join our Forum – The forum serves as the center for official regional business. From government activities to ambassador requests, from forum games to citizenship applications, many of the Union's core processes take place on the forum. Create an account on our Linkforum. Introduce yourself in LinkLiberty Square and participate in fun games under LinkForum Games.

  • Sign up for Citizenship – Citizenship is paramount to civic participation in the Union. By becoming a citizen, you open the door to a world of opportunities such as voting for elected officials and running for office. To file for citizenship, apply Linkhere.

  • Visit the Regional Message Board – The Regional Message Board is the Union's biggest asset. Many unique discussions and important debates take place on the RMB. Make sure to check it out!

  • Join Union Roleplay – Union roleplay consists of a community of citizens who roleplay with a realistic map with an emphasis placed on the United Nations. To join Union Roleplay click Linkhere.

  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs –
    Our Ministry of Foreign Affairs is one of the key Ministries in our government, its staff and Ministers having paved the way for the Union’s friendships with our Defender regions, such as our participation in the Partnership for Sovereignty, one of the largest World Assembly voting blocs! Any citizen can join the Ministry and serve alongside dozens of talented members. As a staff member you will be working as an Ambassador to a region we are close to, and you will be working under the Minister of Foreign Affairs and talented Deputy Ministers, who oversee our relationships. Talented Ambassadors may be appointed to the Foreign Affairs Advisory Board or promoted to Deputy Minister where your knowledge about the Union’s place in the world will contribute to our decisions and the alliances we form. Working as a Deputy Minister or Minister of Foreign affairs requires keen perception of what happens in and outside of the region, as well as core leadership and decision-making skills. As well as this, service in the Ministry is a clear sign of your commitment to the Union and is very useful for political careers. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a very fun Ministry to participate in and you are certainly guaranteed to make a new friend or two in your travels across NationStates as a representative of the Union. For more information please click Linkhere.

  • The Ministry of the Census – The Ministry of the Census is the center of citizen management for the region. The ministry manages citizenship applications and citizenship verification for Union Elections. On the forum, the ministry manages the "Roster" tab, where public information of the Executive can be found. We verify nation eligibility and process applications as they come in. Due to the nature of the ministry's work, we do require that those involved with the ministry are not involved in partisan affairs (as we do deal with election material). The Ministry of the Census has also taken over the duties of the defunct Ministry of Education is the information safe house of the region, providing and maintaining the array of information the region has, including but not limited to; the members of past & current administrations, informative/educational texts on NationStates and the regional laws (past and current). This furthers the aims of the Ministry by informing and educating Citizens and Residents alike on the many trial and tribulations of the region, times the whole region holds dear in its collective history, and so much more. The Ministry is run by the Minister of Census, and is assisted by Deputy Ministers and Ministerial Assistants such as the Archivists, who archive the laws and treaties which govern the Union. As well as this, the Ministry also is the recruiting department in the Union and oversees the funding from generous donations towards stamp recruitment, our API recruitment as well as rewarding and recognizing manual recruiters. For more information please click Linkhere.

  • The Ministry of Culture–The Ministry of Culture is the Union’s premiere entertainer provider. Its staff members are dedicated to providing opportunities for the Union’s members to talk with one another and play games together. This is both so the Union grows closer together but also to give more interactions on NationStates so the Union has a friendly population which likes each other. Doing so allows for every other aspect of the Union to be more cooperative and more enjoyable. Currently, the Ministry is led by talented Deputy Ministers and Ministers who hold games and trivia nights for everyone as well as Regional Message Board polling and conversation started. For more information please click Linkhere.

  • The Ministry of Defense– The Ministry of Defense commands the Union of Democratic States Armed Forces or "UDSAF." The UDSAF is the Union's Gameplay military, dealing with threats here and abroad. The Minister works with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to plan missions that serve in the interest of the Union and cooperates with our many allies to help their interests. As the Union’s fighting force those enlisted in the UDSAF are among some of the brave souls who defend other regions with our allies against those looking to raid them. Climbing the ranks in the UDSAF is an excellent way to create friendships in the Union and across NationStates, and rising through the ranks just takes a little dedication. UDSAF members are some of the Union’s best Soldiers are entitled to privileges that are exclusive only to UDSAF personnel, such as earning military medals, and the honor of fighting on behalf of the Union. For more information please click Linkhere.

  • The Ministry of Roleplay–The Ministry of Roleplay is an entire Ministry with some of the most active members of the Union which all oversee and moderate our excellent regional roleplay. Our roleplay server is a place where anyone interested can roleplay as a nation. The server has been around for a while and is has gone through multiple generations, with the first lasting for nearly three years. The second generation lasted briefly with a reset to 1920/1940s before a third reset took it to 2016. Currently we’re on a fifth reset, set in the 2010s, after a fourth reset set in the 1990s ended. The current server is diplomatically focused, with emphasis put on player interactions, the UN and domestic developments, though UN membership is not a requirement. If you want to get involved as a staff member, the only requirement is activity! For more information please click Linkhere.

  • The Senate–Is the executive not your main interest in NationStates? Well if you’re still into the government simulator aspect of this game, the Senate may interest you. Coupled with a long history of citizen participation, formerly through a citizens’ assembly but now with citizens given the powers to freely and easily recall elected officials and hold referendums, the Union’s legislative branch has often been one of our busiest. Elections occur every 2 months, so newcomers to the region are guaranteed a chance to prove their metal. Whilst newcomers wait for the next election, they can brush up on the Senate’s rules and our laws so they’re properly equipped to win in the next election.

Have an issue or inquiry? Need to contact us? Don't fret! You can easily reach members of the government via telegram or direct message on Discord. Here is the contact information of the members of the Union’s government:

[table][tr][td]Position[/td][td]Nation[/td][td]Telegram Box[/td][td]Discord Code[/td][/tr][tr][td]Founder[/td][td][nation]The [/align]

[font=new times roman]Acronyms

Confused? See an acronym you are unfamiliar with? The Union uses many acronyms to make communication as easy as possible. Here is a list of acronyms that you might across within the region and in the wider NS world.


[align=center]FA – Foreign Affairs
PfS – Partnership for Sovereignty
MD – Master Dispatch
MoCul – Ministry of Culture
MoCen – Ministry of the Census
MoD – Ministry of Defense
UDSAF – Union of Democratic States Armed Forces
MoFA – Ministry of Foreign Affairs
MoJ – Ministry of Justice
MoRP – Ministry of Roleplay
NSGP – NationStates Gameplay
SC – Supreme Court
WA – World Assembly
WAD – World Assembly Delegate
UDS – The Union of Democratic States