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A Brief History Of The Holy Island Of Holma

The Kingdom of Holma was, hundreds of years ago, divided into two regions that cut the island of Holma in half.

In the West was the Kingdom of Lilia- named for the abundance of lily-of-the-valley that once grew there along with the surname of the land's pioneer- Lilian. The Kingdom of Lilia was a cultured and academic Kingdom known for it's tall and green rolling hills, agriculture, and architecture. It's capital city, Angel's Wait, was the epicenter of art, culture, and education on the island. The Kingdom was long ruled by the Piper dynasty, who loosely led the people into turmoil with its lack of laws and structure. Angel's Wait quickly became a Babylonian city. The throne was then usurped by the Lilian dynasty in the War of Red Lilies. The Lilian dynasty always had a strong claim to the throne due to their family having discovered the Western portion of the island.

In the East was the Principality of Drumna, a mountainous desert nation run on free markets and republican ideals. It was known for its highly religious and ascetic populous, along with the great number of monasteries perched high in the Drumnan Mountains. Below the hot rocky mountains, in the valleys below, there sat many great markets that bustled with busy people buying imported goods. There were also gladiator fights, great circus performances, and constant celebrations taking place. The juxtaposition of the ascetic and austere life of those in the monastic mountains against that of the hedonistic life of those in the valleys played a very large role in Drumnan culture. A man who lived a life more in tune with those of the mountain would be said to be 'living High', whereas someone taking part in the hedonistic pleasures of the valley would be 'living Low'. Drumna had hardly any government structure, and it's elected 'officials' were corrupt, and assassinated often. Elections in Drumna were such a small event that most did not know who was in charge at any given time.

Over time, as more Drumnen peoples traveled to Lilia, and more Lilians travelled to Drumna, the cultures began to exchange. Great monasteries we're built in the rural hills of Lilia. Great schools were placed in the deserts of Drumna. Drumnen people who lived High often pleaded with the Lilian royalty to come bring peace and order to the wild untamed lands of the East.
Eventually, the Lilian dynasty agreed, and the Lilian border stretched to reach all corners of the island of Holma. Drumnen people who treasured their culture were originally in uproar at the possible gentrification of their land. But the Lilians had no intention of erasing Drumnen heritage, and re-named the Kingdom after the island itself: Holma.
The religious virtues of the East spread over the West like wildfire and Angel's Wait became an epicenter of religion and pious believers. The East kept true to their religious heritage, and Holma became among one of the most devout nations in the entire world.
The East influenced Holma in many other ways as well, namely in its monastic living, free from distraction and technological innovation. Almost all scientific and technical innovations have not reached Holma, and Holma has outlawed the possibility of that ever occurring. Holma is among the most primitive nations in the world.
The West adopted the great games culture of the East as well, including gladiator fighting, jousting, and the art of circus performance.
The Eastern markets were taken by the governing body, and have been socialized. The workers of those markets have been employed by the Kingdom, or now work in agriculture. Unfortunately, as a result, the black market plagues the Kingdom, especially in the East.

Today, Holma is one of the safest, well ordered, devout, and scenic nations in the world. From its lush green forests in the West, to its tall sandy mountains in the East, Holma has surpassed the world around it in majesty and influence. Now a dedicated member of both the World Assembly and the Security Council, Holma is endorsed by over 100 island nations worldwide. Sheltering a happy populace of over 3 billion people, Holma continues to "unite both nation and soul".