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Philosophers newsletter - 1st Ed. Circular. Introduction

Philosophers was born from Philosophy115 (P115) in May. The region was founded, fundamentally, owing to the founder nation Dr George ceasing to exist a couple of months prior. During that time, we password protected the region to proactively defend it against raiding. However, the pay-off was a community at significant risk of stagnation. We entered into the old trap of exchanging security and freedom debate which Freud has outlined amazingly well. The trade-off here was too gaping.  

Philosophers have expanded during the months, reaching 100 strong. We have actively sought long-standing and meaningful relationships across NationStates. Your support during these formative months has been welcome and needed. We have created a successor which has sought freedom, and as the mechanism of doing so did not exist within the current state of play, we, in the borrowed sentiment of Paulo Freire, acquired it rather than waiting to be gifted it.  

All residents of embassy regions can post on our RMB. If a subject we're talking about interests you, feel free to participate. As we seek to continue to develop Philosophers, we aim to keep in touch that little bit extra with our friends. In this, the proposal is a quarterly dispatch. Hopefully, this will not be too time-consuming and can highlight some of the activity from us, which may be a little interesting to eyeball. Our focus is on conversation and discussion. Although we are not, and nor have we ever, been a role-playing region, it is our fervent hope to continue to maintain, and enhance our relationships across the "world". 

We shall end it here but leave you with some inspiration words until the next dispatch:  

If you want people to remember you, borrow money from them.

The Community of Telgan Alpha