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The Republic of New Kowloon Bay
Saniitat es Neu Kowloon Baui

Official NKB Flag

Royal Standard

Union Jack

Motto: In litoribus versantes invenire stellas

Anthem: To Thee Our New Kowloon Bay

Population: 3 088 100 000(3.08 billion people, 2130)
-Density: 18.91/kmē

Capital: Miltonford
Largest City: Miltonford

Official Language: English, Te Reo Maori, Waiian, Cantonese

National Language: English, Waiian, Te Reo Maori, Cantonese

Demonym: Kowlooni

Government: Parliamentary Democracy
- President: Josephine Windham
- Vice President: Sir Michael Dundees
- Speaker of the House: Zhu Hangwei
- Chief Justice: Elizabeth Teo

- Upper House: House of Patricians
-Lower House: House of the Common

Establishment: Founded by Ancient Chinese, (1000 BC.)
Independence: N/A


Highest Point: New Escher Point, 11.01km
Lowest Point: Point Low Chaynian, -15.192 km

GDP (nominal): $675 trillion
GDP (nominal) per capita: $204,920

Human Development Index: 98.10
Currency: Bay Dollar
Time Zone: GMT +8(Canton, Tonkin), +10(North, South Islands)
Calling code:+184
Internet TLD: .nkb

New Kowloon Bay

The Interplanetary Republic of New Kowloon Bay(Weiian Saniitat es Neu Kowloon Baui), most usually known as Kowloon is a sovereign, universally recognized country in the southwest Pacific Ocean. Kowloon controls the entirety of New Zealand, parts of the Philippines, some Pacific Islands and the departments of Canton and Tonkin, with previous territories including Australia and Madagascar. In its main islands(circa. 26th century), going clockwise, it is surrounded by the Solomon Sea, the South Pacific Ocean, the Southern Sea, the Macquarie Sea and the Tasman Sea. Totally, these territories equal around 745,000 kilometres square. Other than the main islands, it owns several territories in Asia, the south Pacific, the North Pacific, the Indian Ocean and outer space.

New Kowloon Bay was an absolute monarchy until the disastrous rule of the king Dorgon IV in 1524, and then it transitioned to a parliamentary democracy with Nordic socialist policies, of which the current leader is Josephine Windham. NKB sti. The Republic is made up of 6 main islands. These departments are also split into smaller communes. Their respective department capitals are Miltonford, Auckland and Hong Kong. The respective commune leaders and department heads meet in Miltonford, mainly using holographic calls, but usually department heads will confer issues in their own department capitals.

New Kowloon Bay has had a diverse history, stemming from a foundation by the Dabenkeng peoples around the Zhujiang Delta, and advancing with a series of explorations, colonalizations, annexations and agreements over several centuries. The Pact of Great Shun in 1578, formed The Shun-Oceanic Empire, and the Treaty of Yazhou(nowadays Sanya) formed New Kowloon Bay.

New Kowloon Bay has quite a high GDP compared to other nations in the NS Multiverse, and has a high HDI and an even higher income, both for poor people and for rich people. It was, and still is one of the most industrialised powers on Earth, at least, and is one of the world's foremost powers, whether historically, in the present, or looking into the future. Currently, Kowloon is one of the best countries in the world, whether it be art, culture, military, food quality, science or political influence internationally. New Kowloon Bay is a recognizable hybrid-energy state, with antimatter, dark matter and hybrid energy being used to power Kowloon. New Kowloon is currently a recognized great power, as well as a member of several international organizations, like the World Assembly.

The name of the country New Kowloon Bay comes from the Cantonese word 'Nine Dragons', which is the name of the nine mountains where dragons used to live in Chinese mythology. Those mountains are Kowloon Peak, Tung Shan, Tate's Cairn, Temple Hill, Unicorn Ridge, Lion Rock, Beacon Hill, Crow's Nest and Tai Mo Shan.

The Weiian Blooming Lilirose is a common flower, easily found dotted alongside the coasts of New Kowloon Bay, which is why it's the centerpiece of NKB's flag and also its national flower. The surrounding ring signifies the globalisation and galactization of New Kowloon Bay, while the four points shows the reach of NKB into all corners of the galaxy, and even the universe. The blue is for the ocean's blue colors, and the white for the color of the sand found alongside most of NKB's pristine beaches.

The standard way to refer to a citizen of New Kowloon Bay is Kowlooni.