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TIBOE Report June 2021

TIBOE's (Ten Thousand Islands Brigade of Official Endorsers) Mission Statement:
To Endorse all WA Islanders while remaining below the endorsement cap, Encourage Islanders to join the WA and endorse the Delegate, and Inform the populace about WA endorsements, endotarting, and other related topics.

Current Delegate: Wischland

TIBOE Chair: Vivolkha
TIBOE Secretary: Liberdon
Members of TIBOE: Anisopterra, Dustwind, The Soylent Green Party, Valentian Elysium, Pianaville, Silvedania, and Gonggong

Why You Should Endorse the Delegate
• Endorsements improve regional security. In NationStates, the Delegate seat is the main tool raiders use when invading regions. Every nation that endorses the Delegate is one more nation that the raiders would have to have on their side in order to usurp XKI.
• Every endorsement gives our Delegate an extra vote in the World Assembly, which helps us to counter raider regions by pushing through
Liberation resolutions at the Security Council.
• And our Delegate always votes the result of WA polls on our offsite forum, which means you have direct control over how our Delegate votes!

For more information, please visit this dispatch:

There are three main reasons why endorsing our Delegate is important:

Regional security
In NationStates, the World Assembly Delegate of a region is the nation that has received the most endorsements from their regionmates. Most of the largest regions in the game, including 10000 Islands, have effectively replaced this system by one in which the Delegate is chosen through a more organized method (in our case, democratic elections held every 6 months). To enforce this system, the Delegate needs to receive the maximum endorsements possible while all other nations have their endorsement count limited (something known as an endorsement cap).

However, mechanically, in the eyes of the game itself, the Delegate is still simply the nation with the most endorsements, no matter how these endorsements where gathered. This can be exploited by other regions, commonly known as raiders, to irregularly seize the Delegacy by flooding the region with foreign nations that coordinately endorse each other.

As a fairly large and powerful region that is well known for opposing raiders all over NationStates (more below), 10000 Islands would make for a high-profile target. Precisely because of it, our region has taken care to be as secure as possible. 10000 Islands has a non-executive Delegate, which limits the damage that a potential raider invasion could have, as well as an active Founder, who can immediately undo any actions raiders can take in our region.

These security measures mean that 10000 Islands can never be really destroyed completely in an invasion. Regardless, rival regions still have an interest in temporarily securing the Delegate seat to embarrass us, and it is better in all cases if raiders fail to seize the Delegate position in the first place. While 10000 Islands is a very large region in which the Delegate typically has hundreds of endorsements, every single extra endorsement our WA Delegate has is one extra endorsement that raiders would need to overcome to overthrow the legitimate Delegate.

World Assembly voting power
WA Delegates are intended to represent their region's voice at the World Assembly. As such, they have special voting powers. The vote a Delegate casts is worth 1 + the number of endorsements they have. For this reason, powerful Delegates with very large votes tend to decide the outcome of a resolution. The more endorsements our Delegate has, the more powerful will 10000 Islands be at the World Assembly, allowing us to advance our interests and influence debates on new international law, Commendations, and Condemnations (which can be important to counter raider propaganda). Furthermore, in 10000 Islands, the Delegate's voice is your voice: the Delegate votes according to the result of a Linkforum WA voting poll in which you can participate!

Advocating defender values
But a powerful WA vote is important not only for roleplay, but also to advocate our defender values. To our very core, 10000 Islands is a defender region that opposes raiders all over NationStates. Even for nations that are not directly involved with TITO, our regional army, 10000 Islands's stated political purpose at every level is to protect the safety of smaller, innocent regions that did not ask to be part of the NationStates' "raider and defender" (R&D) gameplay. If raiders succeed in invading a region and taking full control of it, its community is at a very high risk of being destroyed.

TITO is our region's main way of combating raiders. However, in some situations, raiders can get a strategic leg up in an invasion. In that case, there is still hope to save the community of the region being raided: a World Assembly Security Council Liberation Resolution. A SC Liberation forcibly removes the password of a region, allowing native nations to regain control with TITO's aid.

For this to occur though, the SC Liberation needs to pass at the World Assembly (with >50% support) as soon as possible, reason why a stronger vote at the World Assembly is absolutely crucial. We need to make sure our WA vote is at its absolute strongest to preserve the sovereignty of defenseless regions.

Read dispatch

Summary of June Events
During June, TIBOE aimed to increase the number of RMB reminders to endorse Wischland.
At the time of writing, TIBOE has already met this goal with a total of 17 reminders posted on the RMB during June compared to 14 reminders posted in May.

TIBOE has also continued to promote its "endorsement welfare" program, in which every nation in XKI is guaranteed a minimum of 20 endorsements.

Along with reminders to endorse Wischland, TIBOE members have been continually posting an updated list of nations under the minimum endorsement cap.

Currently Paffnia, Bolter, Tanzoria, Smugglers and Mercs, Woonrocket, Valyrian steel, Vlodemort and da deathdeelers, Supreme order of alberta, Belevicha, Pacifican Stegosauruses, Girls Who Say Bruh, Communist states of greater norway, Kowloon walledcity, The territories of sealand, Pootis birb, Semarangan, Union of flipster, New axtria, Triltekia, Sedrefugia, Haobaozi, New minonia, The republic of slimema, Remnant union, North dux, Sourolerium, Cenoka, Pre-Christian Persecuted People, Greater toast, New cullybackey, Ourghland, Gotalond, Chromatomia, Famalicaus, Nova korea, The Democratic State Of Josora, Indiana100, Kinuyeville, Maca tese, Ania kihioh, and Denmarkium have not met the minimum endorsement cap. Please endorse them for a stronger, safer XKI!

Shoutout to HN67 for generously creating a program for TIBOE that produces a list of nations under the minimum endorsement cap

TIBOE’s June Objectives

This month's primary objective, again, was maintaining the number of Delegate endorsements
This month's secondary objective was adding 3 stable endorsements to Wischland’s count.

As of the 29th of June, Wischland has 353 endorsements.

-At the start of June, Wischland had 340 endorsements, meaning that TIBOE has met our primary objective!
-Aaand, Wischland has gained a grand total of 13 endorsements, which is far more than 3, so TIBOE has also met our secondary objective!

TIBOE has met all of our objectives for June! Hooray! Hooray! To celebrate, let’s all eat cake and endorse Wischland!

June Statistics:

A total of 13* nations endorsed Wischland over the course of June.
On average, Wischland gained 0.4* endorsement per day
Wischland averaged 351* endorsements for June

*1: As of the 29th of June
*2: Calculated by adding up the daily increase or decrease in endorsements and dividing by 29
*3: The mean number of total endorsements

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