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My NS Positions - detailed records

Last updated on July 2nd, 2022.
Current Things

Current Citizenships: The East Pacific (Zukchiva), The Union of Democratic States (Guess and Check), Refugia (Cheesy Tots)

Current Positions:

The East Pacific

Director of the Voter Registration Commission
Deputy Provost
EPSA Sergeant
Diplomat to the Union of Democratic States and Refugia
MoWAA Staff
Moderator for the formerly defacto RMB RP server
Junior Forum Moderator

The Union of Democratic States

Junior Administrator
Editor-In-Chief of Everyday News
Ministerial Assisstant


Councillor of World Assembly Affairs

The Rejected Realms

Upvote squad

Past Things

Past Citizenships: Yuno, The Grand Ossuray, Warzone Airspace, Europeia, Cloud Queendom

Past Positions:

The East Pacific

Delegate (February 2021- June 2021)
Vizier (March 2020- February 2021)
Viceroy (December 2019- June 11th, 2020)
Viceroy Designee
Arbiter (May 2019- February 2021)
Provost (January 17th, 2019 to May 8th, 2019; a full term sometime in 2021)
Acting Chief Minister of Foreign Affairs (Late Marrabuk 1st term)
Director of the Bureau of Public Affairs (now Ministry of Integration)
Minister of Education
Deputy Provost (October 17th, 2018 to January 17th, 2019; sometime September 2021)
Deputy Minister of Education
Deputy Minister of Culture
Deputy Minister of Information (Libertanny)
Deputy of Minister of Foreign Affairs [x5]
Department Head of Ministry of Information 
Cabinet Advisor (Yuno, Fedele, Marrabuk, Libertanny, Atlae Delegacies)
Inner-Circle of Foreign Affairs Advisor (Starting from Marr to end of Atlae)
EPSA Officer [x2] (second time, was just Corporal in Command)
EPPS Officer
REWARD Technician
Cartographer for Mainstream TEP RMB Dibergia RP (Now Valsora RMB RP; I owned and ran RMB RP's first defacto map.)
Map Council of Valsora RP Member (Made the original Valsora map.)
Temporary cartographer for VALSORA RMB RP (x3)
Administrator of the former defacto RMB RP server
RP Moderator for VALSORA RMB RP
Administrator for the official RMB RP server
Moderator of the TEP FA Server
Administrator of the TEP Executive Server
Administrator of Valsora Disc. Server

Ambassador to the Rejected Realms, 10000 Islands, Wintercrest, the Union of Democratic States, Warzone Sandbox, Europeia
EPNS Journalist [x2]
Ministry of Immigration Staffer (During Yuno)
Mentor (Immigration) (During Lib)
Ministry of Design Staffer (now part of MoVE)
Ministry of Publishing Staffer
Ministry of World Assembly Affairs Staffer
Ministry of Information Staffer
EPSA Corporal [x2]
EPSA Private [x2]
EPSA Recruit [x2]
MoWAA Staffer (Lib-end of Atlae)
Regional Officer [x2]
Lord Commander of the Ministry of War on The West Pacific

The Union of Democratic States

Vice-President [x2]
Minister of Justice/Attorney General [x2]
Updoot Squad