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TEP Banner Contest

The East Pacific Banner Contest!

Hey folks!

With the introduction of regional banners, the Executive has decided to hold a banner contest to determine a regional design for our region's banner! Whatever option wins will be recommended to our next Delegate for them to set up the new banner!

So without further ado, let's get to the gist of the contest!


Submission rules for the banner are simple:

  • Dimensions must be 1200x120 pixels.

  • Design must follow site rules (especially no NSFW imagery).

  • Design must be somewhat thematically consistent with the current regional flag.

These rules are meant to help the banner work with the rest of the regional theme, to look awesome, and to avoid breaking site rules!

Submissions should be sent via telegram to the Delegate, Zukchiva, or through Discord direct messages (derp#9479). Submissions should be submitted starting from now to June 5th, 2021. A week to make design submissions! Anyone can submit a design!


Voting shall occur in two phases.

The first phase shall be on Discord. All submissions will be uploaded in a channel in the main Discord, and anyone with a resident or citizen masking shall be able to react with to-be-specified emotes under the designs they like the most. Voting on Discord will last three days from June 6th to June 9th.

The top two images with the most reactions will move on to the next phase!

The second phase of voting shall be in a four day in-game poll open to all residents, with the only options being the top two images as chosen on the Discord. Said poll shall last from June 10th to June 14th.

The image with the most votes will win! The submission will be placed as the regional banner of the region, and suggested for the next Delegate to use at their discretion.


Of course, what's the use of doing anything if there isn't an award? Here's the awards below~

First place will receive a legendary card and a badge. And of course, their design will be recommended to the next Delegate!

Second place will receive an epic card and a badge.

Third place will receive an epic card and a badge.

And all who participate can choose an ultra-rare card of their choice from Zukchiva's personal collection!

So what are you waiting for! Get designing! ^-^