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gnassingbe eyadema

leader gnassingbe
gnassingbe eyadema is the ruler of togo aka the great eternal all-powerful gnassingbe empire aka the world. he is immortal and rules over the world with iron togolese fist and kills many beninese. he was resurrected as a cyborg by his son faure gnassingbe in december 2021 but then ate faure for not being a worthy leader of togo. gnassingbe's first action as leader was to crown himself emperor and spend 60% of world gdp on his coronation ceremony, which mogged on the ghost of jean-bedel bokassa who started to seethe and cope at gnassingbe in his dreams but the brave fearless gnassingbe shakes him off. he then destroyed benin and ghana before taking over the world (except the philippines)

gnassingbe rule made togo very strong and powerful. he awakened the inner vodun spirits of all togolese after sacrificing his son faure and turned togolese (especially kabye togolese) into the master race of the world and conquered all other nation armies with vodun magic. however the philippines awakened shadow realm demons after feeding them the blood of 3 million drug addicts so togo cannot conquer them. gnassingbe also surrounded himself with 1000000 dancing and singing women who praised and celebrated him wherever he went but he became tired of seeing women everywhere and fused them all into one hive kween of togo who now lives under the imperial palace in lome and gives birth to thousands of togolese every day. all other races are slaves of togolese master race and kabye ethnicity togolese are the aristocrats of the gnassingbe empire and most prestigious togolese of all because they are very strong and proud and are the people of gnassingbe himself

however not all people understand the greatness of togolese rule and there are rebels among us. they call themselves anti togo aktion and they are led by the philippines who support them with duterte death squads but they have mysterious leaders and factions across the togo world. there are even rumours that there are secret beninese communists who plot to restore the people's republic of benin but gnassingbe already purges all communists and beninese so they are weak and dead and lack the guidance of gnassingbe's long-dead archnemesis mathieu kerekou. gnassingbe kills many rebels by himself and has survived many assassination attempts including several plane crashes and mogs on everyone who tries to kill him