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Caer Sidi Broadcasting Service (Volume 9)

April '21
Volume Nine

The Caer Sidi Broadcasting Service
The Official Newsletter of Caer Sidi

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Taoiseach Jaytilla resigns from office!
by LollerLand

Taoiseach Jaytilla Kingsmoreaux has announced his decision to step down from office citing real life reasons. The announcement was made to the citizens on 30 March, 27 days after he was elected into office.

"I hope that my resignation will not cloud your opinion of the rest of the cabinet, who are, and have been doing, a brilliant job," said Jaytilla during the announcement of his resignation. This was the second time Jaytilla had been elected as the Head of Government, with his first stint being terms ago.

As the office of Taoiseach now remains empty, by elections have been announced by the Regent with the standing period to remain open till 6th of April. The candidate elected shall serve as the Taoiseach for the remainder of the term.

A grand Convention: The NSGE
by Kresh Nagar

As is a regular tradition, many of the regions of NS came together to open the annual NationStates Great Exhibition (NSGE) on the 5th of March, opening an event that would last until the 11th of March.

The exhibition was primarily hosted on two platforms, on the NSGE discord Server, and the Event Forums featuring the booths of Caer Sidi, Karma, Europeia, Cyrannus Star System, Spiritus, Kaer Solas, Equinox, The Black Hawks, The Land of Kings and Emperors, Thalassia, Edlhus, The Augustin Alliance, The North Pacific, The East Pacific and The West Pacific, as well as the The Pacific.
The forum also played host to lectures and talks on various topics regarding many aspects of NS, held by veteran players from all over the site.

The discord server offered a general hub for friendly conversation, as well as for announcements regarding the various talks and events taking place over the course of the convention.
Caer Sidis very own Monarch, Aynia Moreaux, gave a talk on roleplay construction at the event. Beyond that, Caer hosted both an Arma III op and a game of Secret Hitler. Additionally, Loller KM Corleone played an integral role in organizing this years NSGE.

The event ended with the announcement of a unspecified “other thing” in spring as well as the promise to host a full NSGE in 2022.

Historical Obscurity: An RMB trivia contest
by Kresh Nagar

On the 26th of March, a trivia contest hosted on the Caer Sidi RMB by the regional executive began. The topic of the questions had been vaguely defined as “history” by a poll opening on the 17th of march and ending three days later, on the 20th in which it managed to secure victory by an astounding 8 vote margin. The second most successful topic was Harry Potter with 5 votes.

After some internal deliberation, the world wars were chosen as the subject of the questions, due to their global nature, well documented history, and their general status in common knowledge.

The contest was carried out across three days, with once question posted around 11 am, 4 pm and 8:30 pm UTC respectively. The first person to correctly answer the question received 5 points. By the end of the contest, Wildspongy (Cool Fish) managed to secure 25 points, winning a landslide victory.

The mysterious disapperance of Lir
by Evil Mother

Lir, the royal dog, beloved cult leader and most uncontroversial discord bot ever, seems to have vanished from the lusterous Warren of Caer Sidi. The entirety of CS is worried about the little floof. The Monarchy has released a statement about the situation on the 13th of March, stating that Lir was „just taking a litte vacation to dig holes on the beach“. Since then no one has heard from Lir and no status updates have been made. The concerned people of CS are now taking matters into their own hands to investigate the disappearance of our adorable overlord Lir.

Bon (also known as „Glitterhoofi“), one of Lir ́s greatest supporters, stated “Honestly, I don't know where and what happened to Lir, except they just disappeared one day."

Even our respected WA Delegate and Lord of Autumn, Loller KM Corleone,wasn ́t sure about Lirs whereabouts:“I haven't seen Lir in the last few days, unfortunately.“

With the seemingly complete disappearance of Lir, people have started to worry that something might have happened tothewide-eyed floof.“If someone dares to kidnap Lir, they should be[for mattersof legality, the following sentence has been redacted].“ said Bon, who himself has tried to eat Lir on several occasions.

Although there is no evidence pointing towards a potential kidnapping, the seriousness of thesituation started to dawn on many CS-Citizens and a widespread search started. Since none of theusual commandsseemed to trigger aresponse, (Lir didn ́t even respond to hugz anymore), a missing poster was created by Loller.

While the situation has not been resolved yet, the admin team has found a temporary replacement: Moose, a senior member of this server, who so far has had more of a backround and technical function has stepped up to help keep things running until Lir returns to the Warren.

But in the eyes of Loller, not all hope is lost “I am sure he [Lir] is silently watching over us all and will return once again to us! Praise Lir!“.There is not much else one can add to this statement, we all know that Lir could never truly leave us, we carry him in our hearts and with every mentioning of hugz or cannibalism we are once again reminded of his greatness. Praise Lir!

Maple's Maybe Random Thoughts
by Eareamland

Lir has... Wait, no.
Lir hasn't dissapeared, you fools! He's merely taking a break. Yep. Lir is at the Lir Beachhouse 9.0, with beautiful scenery, and a tree! Don't tell anyone, but the tree actually has a squirrel I told Lir to catch.

Lir has recently been not seen anywhere. However, a little birdie told me Lir is actually regularly seen at the beach! I wonder what Lir feels like about that. Lir's apparently afraid to swim in the ocean, due to drowning. But, the small private Jacuzzi in the Lir Beachhouse 9.0 has served Lir well enough. From what I've heard, Lir Beachhouse 9.0 contains a massive kitchen with a fridge filled with Lir's favourite treat: Lirbites. Lirbites are a small treat invented by Lir that Lir finds delicious.

On another subject, did you know: I have a dog? No, I don't have a dog. I have a loaf. Cappu the loaf is the friendliest loaf out there, with no loaf being loafier. Cappu told me last night "Am loaf. Must loaf." Funniest loaf I know. On a real note, he's a fun doggo to play with. HE NEVER BITES! I'M SERIOUS!

A phantastic talk with Phan
by LollerLand

When I started thinking about whom I should interview, I didn't have to spend much time to decide that it should be Phantasus. Phantasus is one of the most familiar faces in Caer Sidi. He is one of the region's oldest citizens and a member of its Interior Council. Here is the complete transcript of my interview with Phantasus.

Loller: How long have you been playing NationStates?
Phan: I started playing Nationstates in March of 2015, I started out in Europeia with a lot of ambition and was in The Communist Bloc, but mostly just for the chats. So yeah, 6 years. Ouch, that makes me feel old.

Loller: You mentioned starting out in Europeia and being in TCB. For our readers, could you briefly describe your time in NationStates, outside Caer Sidi?
Phan: When I first started Nationstates, I had what I believe to be some very common misconceptions of what the game entails, I was under the impression that it was mostly a fantasy of decorated titles and roles and thought the goal was to get to leadership. I didn't particularly understand the amount of labour such roles entail. In the early days I wanted to define myself so I joined a couple of ministries in Europeia; recruitment and culture. I worked hard on manual recruitment to get some notice and was rewarded in the next term with recruitment minister. That term was enough to shake up those misconceptions.

I started hanging out in Arda en Estel for a more chill social and roleplay oriented area where I met Aynia and Lynxi and made some long lasting friendships. Besides the regions already mentioned, I was in Wintercrest and The South Pacific, which I joined as a favour for my friend Imki, who introduced me to the game initially and was in charge of their military at the time.

Loller: Very interesting! So Imki first introduced you to NationStates?
Phan: Yes, I was struggling to fill my time and she suggested it, I believe she had only just recently got into it herself.

Loller: I am glad she did! What got you hooked to this game and made you stay for so long?
Phan: I mean I'm semi retired in the game, after the burn out from my minister role I mostly stayed for the friends I made and the interesting communities. I struggle to get excited for gameplay developments and I mostly see my role these days as being part of maintaining the community in Caer Sidi.

Loller: Coming to Caer Sidi, how did you first end up joining the region?
Phan: Aynia and Lynxi were friends from Arda en Estel, I joined to support them after I found out about Caer Sidi's creation.

Loller: Compared to today, how was the region and its community back then?
Phan: I think it was slower back then, but that might just be me slowing down my investment in getting to know all the new faces in the community these days.

Loller: During your 6 years in the game, which was the period you enjoyed the most?
Phan: I think 2017 to 2018, almost daily voice chats with a tight knit group of friends and plenty of game events to keep us busy. Though I think the end of the "good old days" was mostly due to irl events than anything in the game.

Loller: You are a member of the Interior Council and the Tempest of Clan Winter, for the newer members of the region who might not be aware, could you briefly list your past contributions and other positions held in Caer Sidi?
Phan: Apart from those two, I was Orator for a term. I also led the Phanarchist revolt one fine April 1st. Interior Council has been where I've been most comfortable, staying in mostly out of character affairs.

Loller: How would you explain the Phanarchist revolt to a layman?
Phan: Just a good old regional in joke that got approved for April Fools shenanigans, wordplay with my name has been a regional past time for quite a while.

Loller: (in low voice) A joke? So all the maneuvering I have been doing to make Phanarchy a reality was for nothing?
Phan: Hush Loller, we must maintain the masquerade!

Loller: Oh yes.. umm..(clears throat) go ahead and forget about what I said above, readers. There is definitely no maneuvering happening.
Moving on, what is Caer Sidi's greatest strength/asset, according to you?
Phan: I believe it to be our friendliness and hospitality.

Loller: And what, according to you, would be its weakness?
Phan: Its hard to say, I think its weakness is what most small groups have, a lack of active players. But I think its a trade off a little, because I think the smaller size greatly helps with the village feeling Caer Sidi provides.

Loller: Very well said! What are your thoughts on Caer Sidi's future as a region and a community?
Phan: I think its promising, we've had a bunch of promising new faces over the last couple of years that have driven activity forward, yourself included.

Loller: Coming back to you, many players in NS tend to have a mentor who helps them to grow as a player. Is there any player that you would consider to be your mentor?
Phan: I've learned from a lot of people in this game and don't want to minimize any of their impacts, but CptCarrot was the first to take me under his wing back in my Europeia days.

Loller: Carrot is a wonderful person! On to the next question, which is your favourite movie that you would also recommend our readers to watch?
Phan: The Royal Tenenbaums

Loller: And your favourite game?
Phan: Not really a game, but I've spent a lot of time in Second Life over the last year.
Loller: Oh yes!

Loller: This was Phantastic! Thank you for giving your time for this interview, Phan!
Phan: No Problem, it was a pleasure.

Ask Aynia Anything
by Aynia Moreaux

1. Do you have any regrets in NationStates? If yes, could you tell us what they are?

Hmmm. Do I have any regrets... I think I do have some regrets, especially as I went through my growing pains to become a more experienced and responsible administrator. I tend to be quite soft on people, and it's led to me getting walked over more than once. So I do wish that I had been more assertive more early on.

At the same time, I have made bad calls in the past, whether it be letting people stick around too long despite their actions, or being too hasty in a judgement and not taking the time to look thoroughly through the facts I was given. These are all things that I keep in mind to help me grow, not only as a founder and admin, but just generally as a person dealing with other people. All in all, becoming a competent player of the game takes time, and it's all a learning experience with ups as well as downs.

2. What is your favourite hobby?

I would say my two favourite hobbies are creating art and singing. I'm quite a bit more open with my art than my singing, but I'm slowly getting out of my shell and sharing more.

3. Ideal hamburger design?

1. Bottom Bun (Brioche for me)
2. Burger patty
3. Cheese (for me it's either gouda or mild cheddar.)
4. Condiments (for me it's either ketchup or ranch)
5. Toppings (I know it might sound weird but I put fries on my burger instead of toppings)
6. Top Bun
7. One of those fancy toothpicks with the coloured plastic on top, or a big steak knife through the burger.

4. Hey Ayu, how did you come up with Lirs Personality?

Lir really kind of came into his personality on his own, and through the custom reactions that I've built for him over time.

A little story time...

Back when CS was first founded, we had a custom bot that was a fae cat named Bean. She ran off of Lynxi's computer and was our main bot for everything. Bean was loved, but didn't take on a personality or cult of love like Lir eventually did. Lynxi's internet started acting up and for irl reasons her computer wasn't running the bot all the time. This made me have an inspiration to make a bot that I could host, since my computer ran pretty much 24/7. We had our kitty Bean, so I started thinking of what I could make to compliment it. I originally was going to go with a dragon, but eventually settled on a puppy. I went looking for cute puppy art when I came across Chibiterasu from the game Ōkamiden. He fit perfectly for what I was looking for, and there was a huge fan base so there was plenty of fan made art pieces to choose from. I saved almost every one I could find onto my computer and that was how Lir came to be a celestial wolf puppy.

As for the name, it is inspired by both King Lir and Lir, the Old Irish god of the sea. Also I just really, really liked that name so I used it and it's just always stuck. After a bit of using Lir pretty much exclusively for things like welcome and leave messages and such, I started adding custom commands to him to reply back to common things people say. Then people started to talk back to him and trigger his reactions, so I just kept adding more and more. I think right now Lir has something like 60 custom reactions, as well as we use him for greet/goodbye messages and server logging.

Right now Lir is on a beach vacation, and his job is being handled by Moose bot, August's amazing creation. We're all waiting anxiously for his return!

5. Why are you so happy all the time? It's infectious and it's a brilliant tonic and i love it

Big Grin Thank you!!! Truthfully, I've been through a lot, and the bright spots in the dark times for me have always been made better when I'm around someone who's happy and optimistic. When you are really down it's hard to feel either of those things, and when you treat people with kindness and recognize their worth, it's just that little bit uplifting.

I guess the answer boils down to: I know what it's like to be chronically depressed and be down on yourself all the time, and I don't want anyone else to feel that way. So I try and be happy, optimistic and full of kindness when I deal with anyone, because you never know what they're going through, and what you say and how you act could possibly be that bright spot in someone's day.

I want to thank everyone for their wonderful questions, both this month and last month!! I really enjoy answering them and working some CS lore into my replies. If you have any questions at all, whether they be silly, Caer Sidi related or NS related, or even something totally random, you are more than welcome to submit your questions by using the form located on our offsite forums.

A poem
by Mzeusia

Come, my dear, and let us go
To a river far away
For on those mighty gentle banks
A teahouse does hold sway

It is staffed with people good and well
And robins sing in the garden there
The tea is rich and varied
And you can sip without a care

The flowers by the river smile
And the breeze is calm and soft
The people tell stories too
Of happiness and loss

They have all kinds of tea
And all the flavours too
So take a seat and we will drink
To the health of all that's new

Let not your rainclouds gather
Nor your fears shout "No."
For we shall go drink tea
Come sun or rain or snow

Citizen of the Month: Icarus
by (former) Taoiseach Kernox

Our beloved Icarus is this months Citizen of the Month!

Icarus has been a tonic for this region this month. From the end of their term, to being a part of the culture ministry, their contributions have been immense and have made a great impact on the community. Her presence has made our RMB and Discord more happy and wholesome.

Icarus is always happy to talk to people and is highly active and very friendly.

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