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Narvatus for the FNR - April 2021

Why Narvatus?
Ideas I do have many ideas on how our position in the WA could be improved. Some of the ideas are:
Extensive Endotarting Incentives: Developing these incentives would go alongside the further technical development of our region, namely through the points system planned for development by Drehtisch/Tigerania. While that system may or may not be developed during this term, further incentives for endotarting would further develop our WA presence.
WA Education and Community Proposal Initiative: While such a program would be quite a lot of work to develop, its results could place the region at the top of the world stage. The program would encompass educating members of the coming WA Department in proposal writing and scrutinization, allowing for the department as a whole to write proposals for both the GA and SC.

Proven Loyalty and Activity The Delegacy is not a position where you can just get up and leave the office immediately. The position of WA Delegate commands a high degree of loyalty so that the chance of the Delegate ceasing to exist is minimized, as well as the Delegate ensuring that the existing government remains in place in case of the founder nation ceasing to exist. I have provided and will continue provide this loyalty and activity.

Experience Finally, I have extensive experience with FNR's government. Here are the positions I have held within the region:
Acting President
Vice President
Minister of Culture

Why Not Obets?

Focuses on Goals outside the Scope of the Delegate When you read Obets' campaign dispatch, you notice that a lot of the stuff there reads more like a campaign for Minister of Culture or Internal Affairs than a campaign for Delegate.

Lack of Goal Substance When reading Obets' campaign, a lot of stuff is excessively vague or irrelevant. For the goals that are there, many of them I already want to implement.


Remember, I am not using this to disparage Obets' character in any way, nor am I out to make enemies.

For reference, you can find Obets' campaign below:

After reading this, I hope you'll consider voting for Narvatus for WA Delegate on 8-11 April.

The Fеdеration of Narvatus