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TLA Stamp Donation Program: what it is, and how to get involved

Stamp Donation Program (SDP)

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What are Stamps?

In NationStates, stamps are a type of game credits that can be purchased from the NationStates Store. Once purchased, stamps can be used to automatically send mass telegrams, for example to all nations in a certain region or all World Assembly member nations, but we use them to recruit new & refounded nations. You can find some more information in the NationStates FAQ.

How do I donate Stamps?

The first thing to check when starting the donation process is that you are logged in the nation you want the donation to come from. You can also donate anonymously, by doing the following steps while not being logged in any nation.

1. Go to the NationStates store and click "Gift options".

In the "Gift this purchase to:" box, type the name TLA Recruitment Office, then click "Select". It is very important that you select the option to make your purchase a gift, and that you write down the correct nation as the recipient of your gift. Otherwise, the stamps will not be given to the correct nation, and once that happens they can no longer be transferred.

2. Type TLA Recruitment Office in "Gift this purchase to", then click "Select".

3. If you filled in the gift options correctly, you should see something similar to this. Note the region's flag, and the "TLA Recruitment Office" title.

Once you have filled in the gift options correctly, scroll down to the bottom of the page. Next to the label "Number of stamps", type in the amount of stamps you want to purchase, then click update. Once you do this, the price tag to the right will update to reflect the cost of your purchase. Remember that the price is US $1 for each 1000 stamps, and that the minimum purchase is 1000 stamps. If you typed in the wrong amount of stamps, you can repeat this process.

4. In the "Telegram Stamps" area, select the number of stamps you want to purchase, then click "Update". The updated price tag to the right shows the cost of your purchase.

You are now ready to make your purchase. If you are not familiar with the service, it should be straightforward to use---keep in mind however that you will need to provide a valid credit or debit card, or a Paypal account. Once you complete the transaction, you will be directed back to the NationStates store page. At the top, there will be an acknowledgment of your transaction. If you filled in the gift options correctly previously, it will also show that the stamps you purchased were gifted to "TLA Recruitment Office".


  • The top Donor can suggest one featured post for the month.

  • The top three Donors are featured in the Factbook if there is enough space left.

  • Every Donor will be listed in the Donor dispatch here.

  • The Donors will be thanked in the State of the Assembly.