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EIA: Estral Indar Armatuak (Estral Armed Forces) [WIP]

Estral Armed Forces
Estral Indar Armatuak
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Emblem of the Estral Armed Forces

Founded: (Insert Date)
Current Form: (Insert Date)
Service Branches:
-Estral Land Forces
-Estral Naval Forces
-Estral Air Force
-Estral Marine Corps

Headquarters: Estra, Aizcona


Consul-Generals: (Consul 1) and (Consul 2)
Minister of Defense: Akox Aristondo
Chief of General Staff: Utxin Auzaberria


Military Age: 18 - 42
Conscription: 10 months
Reaching Military Age Annually: 278,000
Active Personnel: 150,000
Reserve Personnel: 50,000
(Excluding Conscripts)


Budget: 31.03 Billion USD
Percent of GDP: 4.7%


Domestic Suppliers:

Foreign Suppliers:

Annual Exports:

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The Estral Armed Forces (EAF, Estran: Estral Indar Armatuak, EIA) are the military forces of the Second Estral Republic (Aizcona). The EIA consists of the General Staff, the Land Forces (Lurreko Indarrak), the Naval Forces (Itsas Indarrak), the Air Force (Aire Indarrak), and the Marine Corps (Igelaren Gorputza). The current Chief of the General staff is General Utxin Auzaberria. The Chief of the General Staff is the Commander of the Armed Forces. In wartime, the Chief of the General Staff acts as the Commander-in-Chief on behalf of the Consuls, who in their capacities for the military are considered the Consul-Generals. Coordinating the military relations of the EIA with friendly nations is the responsibility of the General Staff. The ability to declare war resides in the Kontseilua.

The modern history pf the military began with its reformation after the entirety of Aizcona was united under the Second Estral Republic. Although the Armed Forces can trace their lineage all the way back to the First Estral Republic which gives the EIA a large source of pride with many traditions that have continued on for millennia. The Estral Military is considered very culturally significant and is one of the major sources of communalism in the nation. Since a majority of citizens serve due to conscription they are given camaraderie, a duty to their nation, and a sense of Estral community that has continued unfettered for thousands of years.

The Estal Armed Forces have been involved in numerous wars and conflicts over the past two centuries and has a breadth of combat experience amongst its units. It operates under a doctrine of providing a shield for South Argus, with the ability to project power far into the Southern Seas and into the Mesder Sea. It is one of the few nations in the Isles that both operates Nuclear Powered Ships and has the ability to use nuclear devices.


The Armed Forces of Aizcona are divided into 4 branches; the Land Forces (Lurreko Indarrak), the Naval Forces (Itsas Indarrak), the Air Force (Aire Indarrak), and the Marine Corps (Igelaren Gorputza).

The General Staff of the Estral Armed Forces is the general staff of the Estral Armed Forces. Chief of the General Staff reports to Minister of Defence. General staff is responsible for:

- Preparing the Armed Forces and its personnel for military operations.
- Gathering military intelligence
- Organization and training of the Armed Forces
- Management of the logistic services

The Chief of the General Staff is also, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces in the name of the Consuls, in wartime.

Also, the General Staff works hand in hand with Estral Military Intelligence and coordinates operations between the Special Forces of EMI and the conventional military forces.

Service Obligation and Manpower

1842 years of age for compulsory military service; conscript service obligation 10 months; 1742 years of age for voluntary service. An increasing percentage of the ranks are "long-service" volunteer professionals; women were allowed to serve in the armed forces beginning in the early 1960s.

Mission and Challenges

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Land Forces
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The Estral Land Forces (Lurreko Indarrak) are the land component of the Estral Armed Forces and its largest branch. Presently it includes around 45,000 military personnel. The Land Forces are broken down into Brigade Components. It consists of 12 Infantry Brigades, 12 Armored Brigades and 1 Airborne Brigade. Supporting the Major Brigade Formations are Independent Elements of the Land Forces that are assigned at the corps level to supplement Brigades in their missions. There are three 155mm Howitzer Artillery Battalions, two MLRS Artillery Battalions, one SAMP/T Air Defense Artillery Battalion, one Supplemental SHORAD Battalion, and a Counter Drone Experimental Group. For Aviation purposes there are two Aviation Battalions. There are three Corps HQ Battalions. Within support roles there is one Logistics Brigade, two Engineering Battalions, four Field Hospitals, three Military Intelligence Companies, and 10 Surveillance and Target Acquisition Platoons.

Furthermore the Army does have its Special Air Service which fulfills its role as special forces for the land forces making it less reliant on Estral Military Intelligence. They are broken down into three teams that work hand in hand with the Army's Aviation Battalions.