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Ideas for reviving IW2

Using Charbagnia

I actually really enjoy that plot structure. Gives more meaning to Charbagnia and is a good war in and of itself in my eyes. I do think I'd like it better if Charbagnia got roped in as a target of Aprosian expansion to still have that IW2 feel with Aizcona going in not as liberators but as f*ck the Aprosians for encroaching on our turf thus allowing for a hellish battle that is technically two invasions. Once Aprosia is kicked out Aizcona would f*ck off because we don't want to deal with the mess leaving it in the League's hands. I mostly figured that you'd be invovled Dorm because Charbagnia is such a big thing to you

At the end of the day I think we're going to have to have skirmishes between Aizcona and Aprosia happening in the decade leading up to IW2 to make there be a reason for the two to very much dislike each other

Do we have much Charbagnian history prior to 2016/2017? I wonder if its possible for them to have been a soft Estral Ally which could be a better reason for NA to have invaded. Makes Aizcona look more like a bastard when they wipe their hands clean of the place after its been ravaged by war

Dorm: Now as for D&S being involved, like I said I was neutral in the war when it ran (I only just joined TWI when it was wrapping up) and my interests in Charbagnia only manifested after the French population rose up. I figure if I were to bring D&S in, it would be because of concerns regarding regional stability, which only escalated when Charbagnia was invaded.
So it would've started with deployments to Luvtar Bay, then to Swaneeak, and finally to Charbagnia
Plus I do need to justify the League Peacekeeping Reserve and D&S's commitment to the League Peacekeeping Forces in general, this would work out in both cases

That's what I was thinking, trying to get better strategic positioning against the MSTO
Charbagnia would fill a similar role being in the middle of the Southern Sea

We also tossed the quick idea that Corindia would be in as a non-combatant, since he was in the MSTO at the time. Mainly giving Aiz info on Aprosian (and potentially Doravan) naval movements

One possible timeline of events
[box]1. War between Aprosia and Aizcona starts over some other diplomatic spat, my Martenykia idea remains open but any justification works.
2. As the war spreads to going after naval supply lines, Charbagnia declares armed neutrality, and tries to establish a naval quarantine around its EEZ to protect shipping both neutral and of the warring powers, but doesn't have the naval forces to entirely cover the area
3. Either or both sides views this as an act of aggression, and starts putting pressure on Charbagnia both at sea and diplomatically, elevating the conflict to the League
4. Ultimatums are sent, Charbagnia is ordered to stand its navy down back to its territorial waters or suffer the consequences
5. Charbagnia, or rather in this case PM Marco Strobel, goes "damn the consequences" and refuses the ultimatum, firing on ships from either side when it expires
6. Both sides now invade Charbagnia for similar or different reasons
7. League kicks Aprosia out (same as it was before) and passes resolution to call for a ceasefire and deploys peacekeepers to Charbagnia
8. Even with the League present, the war remains high intensity for up to a year (basically reflects the war in Andersite) until Aprosian forces are kicked out of the island, Aizconan forces also withdraw and leave the League and the decimated (literally) Charbagnian army to pick up the pieces[/box]

Aprosia: Generally speaking me and Aiz gotta get more pre-IW2 stuff going on as well as a way to paint the scene for the eventual war, as well as to actually agree on the belligerents
Thought about Doravo first as Aprosia would have been in a defensive -ish pact with them for a while

Dorm: Either way, I like the idea of Charbagnia being roped in because it fixes two plotholes left by Noro at the start: 1) Why was Charbagnia so unstable that the Federation would fire chemical weapons at protesters? 2) Where did the Federation even get chemical weapons?

Aprosia: and this is sort of what I disagree with. Ofc depends on how much we want to keep of the original IW2, but I'd imagine most land combat being centered around a single area (just like it was in Doppler), while naval combat happens in the supply lines (Mikey harassing the Euranian navy and cutting my supply lines).

Dorm: Once this is further set, I actually want the League to announce that they've finally concluded their original investigation into the Chemical Weapons in Charbagnia and traced them to Aprosia