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How to Block Telegrams By Category

How to Block Telegrams By Category

The telegram system is an integral part of communication in NationStates. One particular type of telegram is the "Mass Telegram," which is a tool that individuals and regions can use to reach wide audiences in NationStates for a variety of purposed. Here, we'll begin with a quick recap of each different "Mass Telegram Category" so you know what sort of telegrams you're filtering.

  • Recruitment: Telegrams from other nations, wanting you to join their region or group. (If you're happy in Europeia, you can set that one to "Block All." And if you're not happy in Europeia, let someone linked in the regional WFE know so we can try to fix whatever's wrong!)

  • WA Campaign: Campaigns for/against various World Assembly resolutions. All the vote-related WA proposals will be sent with this tag, so you can use this to affect how often (if at all), you receive these messages. More information about the World Assembly and Europeia's role in it can be found here.

  • Region (official): Telegrams in this category come from the top of Europeia's executive government or administration team. They are seldom used, and as such, when they are you can be confident that there is a good reason for it. We recommend that you leave this category unblocked.

  • External: These are the "other" types of mass telegrams that we send out using stamps and the like. This might include updates about regional elections, updates about cultural events, regional news, etc. I'd recommend keeping this setting as "Allow Most" or "Allow All," depending on your preference. If you select one of the other two options, we'd worry you could miss important updates!

Now, under your Telegram Settings, you're able to adjust how often (at most) your nation receives each of these types of telegrams. Understanding what each 'setting' means is somewhat self-explanatory, if you read through the text above the radio buttons:

Do you have more questions, or is there something that just doesn't make sense? Please telegram either the President or the World Assembly Delegate, and they'll try to help you out as they can!