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TSR | Constitution of the Sasquatch Republic

Kwanesum Illahee!

The Constitution of the Sasquatch Republic


We, the members of The Sasquatch Republic, hereby adopt this Constitution, as amended, and establish our regional government in order to preserve our culture and regional identity, promote the social welfare of our members, protect and develop our common values, and maintain peace and order.

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SECTION 1. Authority and Jurisdiction.

The authority of the government established by this Constitution shall extend over all members, media, activities, property, forums, servers and or other community resources owned by the Region or by members held in Regional Trust and shall declare them all within the jurisdiction of The Sasquatch Republic, except as limited by the Regional Founder.

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SECTION 2. Requirements.

The membership of The Sasquatch Republic shall consist of all residents recognized by the Regional Founder or those which possess honorary status. Any nation enrolled as a member of a deplorable region such as fascist, shock, gore, or those showing extreme ideologies shall be disentitled as a member of The Sasquatch Republic, as determined by the Regional Founder.

SECTION 3. Honorary Membership.

The Regional Congress shall have the power, with the prior approval of the Regional Founder, to enact resolutions causing the adoption of persons as members who have a significant community relationship with The Sasquatch Republic.

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SECTION 4. Powers.

There shall be a General Congress, comprised of all duly enrolled members of The Sasquatch Republic in good standing, which shall be empowered to organize its collective will and employ its powers by submitting petitions to the Regional Founder in a manner pursuant to his regulation, subject to his verification. A petition may seek to enact an ordinance or resolution, to strike an ordinance or resolution, or amend this Constitution.

SECTION 5. Procedures.

The General Congress shall hold meetings in accordance with the following procedures:

  1. Regular meetings of the General Congress shall be held monthly during the first full calendar week. Regular meetings may include any elections as decided by the Regional Founder or required by ordinance.

  2. Special meetings of the General Congress may be called by the Regional Founder.

  3. A quorum of the General Congress shall consist of one-third (1/3) of qualified members of the General Congress in good standing. Matters of balloting shall be decided by an affirmative vote of two-thirds (2/3) of those members voting.

  4. Procedures for exercising General Congress powers may be set forth by regional ordinance provided that such procedures shall not conflict with this Constitution or regulations of the Regional Founder.

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SECTION 6. Powers.

There shall be a Regional Congress which shall have the power to exercise all legislative authority, except that vested in the General Congress, and all executive authority of the region as exercised with approval of the Regional Founder. The Regional Congress shall be empowered to:

  1. Delegate authorities as the Regional Congress deems appropriate.

  2. Prevent the disposition, transfer, or encumbrance of regional properties, interests in regional assets, and the power to negotiate with foreign governments; provided that the Regional Founder approves.

  3. Submit to the Regional Founder proposed amendments to this Constitution. Upon receipt of a proposed amendment, the Regional Congress shall call a balloting on its adoption. An affirmative vote shall be conclusive, provided that amendments are approved by the Regional Founder.

SECTION 7. Procedures.

The Regional Congress shall stand in session for the duration of its term of office and take actions in accordance with the following procedures, which it may augment by its own rules of procedure so long as they do not conflict with any provisions of this Constitution:

  1. The Regional Congress shall consist of as many members as decided by the Regional Founder from time to time, provided there shall be at least two (2) permanent and one (1) elected member.

  2. Matters of balloting shall be decided by majority vote, except where otherwise required by this Constitution or set forth by ordinance. The Regional Founder shall vote only in case of a tie.

  3. All final decisions of the Regional Congress on matters of general and permanent interest to the members of the region shall be embodied in ordinances, whereas final decisions of the Regional Congress on matters of temporary interest or relating especially to particular individuals shall be embodied in resolutions.

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SECTION 8. Ordinance.

There shall be a Regional Court, as established in Ordinance by the Regional Congress and prior acceptance of the Regional Founder.

SECTION 9. Powers.

The Regional Court shall be responsible for the recommendation of actions, such as amendment or repeal of executive or legislative actions, which may lead to an equitable settlement of a complaint. These shall take the form of a Petition to the Regional Founder. Nothing in this Article shall diminish executive authority of the Regional Founder.

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SECTION 10. Voters.

All duly enrolled members of The Sasquatch Republic in good standing shall have the right to vote in all regional elections.

SECTION 11. Manner of Voting.

All elections and ballotings shall be by open ballot. Voting by proxy and absentee balloting shall not be permitted.

SECTION 12. Regional Congress Election.

Elections for Regional Congress may be held as determined by the Regional Founder. Newly elected members take office upon certification of election results by the Regional Founder.

The winners shall be chosen according to the rank order of votes received. In the event of a tie, the winner is decided by the outcome of a turtle race in which each tied candidate may have no more than one (1) turtle in contention.

SECTION 13. Ordinance.

The Regional Congress may cause an Election Ordinance consistent with the provisions of this Constitution. The ordinance may include, but not be limited to, supremacy of the Regional Founder over elections, and the settlement of election disputes including the right to appeal to the Regional Court.

SECTION 14. Vacancies.

Should any elective regional office become vacant between elections, the Regional Founder may recommend a member as a candidate for that position subject to majority approval by the Regional Congress, or choose to name a member to the position where necessary.

If a Regional Congress member fails to attend three (3) consecutive regular meetings of the Regional Congress, without a written excuse accepted by a majority vote of the other members of the Regional Congress, that member's seat will be declared vacant and the vacancy shall be filled in accordance with this Section.

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Regional Founder retains the right to approve or deny any act, petition, or resolution proposing amendment for any reason.

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This Constitution shall be submitted for approval of the Regional Founder when adopted by a majority of those qualified members of The Sasquatch Republic voting in a balloting called explicitly for that purpose. Upon approval of the Regional Founder, this Constitution shall become effective from the date of such approval.

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This Constitution of The Sasquatch Republic, adopted June 12, 2018 was submitted June 1, 2020 for amendment by the qualified members of the Regional Congress and was on June 12, 2020 duly adopted by a vote of 2 for and 0 against.

/s/ Altai Almas
Permanent Member Regional Congress

/s/ Bukwas
Permanent Member Regional Congress

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In that this Constitution was duly amended as evidenced by Article IX, I, Illahee, Regional Founder of the Sasquatch Republic, do hereby approve this Constitution of The Sasquatch Republic.

/s/ Illahee
Regional Founder of the Sasquatch Republic
Date: JUNE 13, 2020

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Adoption - Approved by the Regional Founder June 13, 2018 after adoption June 12, 2018 by the qualified voters of The Sasquatch Republic 8-0 in favour.

First Amendment - Approved by the Regional Founder June 13, 2020, after amendment June 12, 2020 by the members of the Regional Congress via Resolution R20-01 2-0 in favour.

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