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The Argimin Weekly Issue. 9

The Argimin Weekly
Hello Everyone!
This is the Ninth Issue of the Argimin Weekly, a Regional Newspaper for the The Commonwealth Of The Argimin, led by me, the Minister of Internal Affairs, Tranzoria
The Argimin Weekly explains the Regional Gameplay and Regional Roleplay News, as well as Forum links, Games, Jokes, and other things. So sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Regional Gameplay News
Here are some nations that joined the Commonwealth this week. Welcome Guys!
Middle town-From The Democratic Republic
Farghost-From The North Pacific
Uniao Eslava-From The North Pacific
NokOfGermany-From The North Pacific
Rezownoucarim-From The North Pacific
Nation Count: 261 Nations
Place: 70th (Nice.)
Population Status: High-New Streak!
Nation Spotlight: Ludens Sapiens
Information: Although a New Nation, Ludens Sapiens, or Ludens for short, is a Fascist Nation known for their involvement in Jaymorgo's Preservation Act and the World Assembly Recruitment Program. With a Monopoly on Coastal and Native goods, such as baskets and fish, the, although primitive, nation is a Valuable Member of the Region.

The Regional Census:
The Souless Damned-Largest Basket Weaving Sector
Chavante-Largest Soda Pop Sector
The Souless Damned-Largest Cheese Export Sector
The Souless Damned-Largest Furniture Restoration Industry
The Souless Damned-Largest Automobile Manufacturing Sector
Chavante-Largest Gambling Industry
Trsmk2-Largest Information Technology Sector
1st Place: The Souless Damned-23 Medals
2nd Place: Chavante-11 Medals
3rd Place:New Saphire-5 Medals

The Government Report

AH refounded, Declines soon after.
In wake of a Wider Sense of Raiding on the Outside World, Tranzoria, who has tried to expand Security in the Region, has refounded the Argimin Hawks with the help of it's two Members, The Souless Damned and NIWAE. With the Cosmic Affairs Ministry losing Funding, it's last support billings went to the Refounding of the Hawks. Unfortunately, the AH Agent of NIWAE then decided to leave the Region in hopes to help the World. The AH now consists of only The Souless Damned, so a Recruitment Program has been added. If you want to join the AH, contact Tranzoria.
Government Spotlight: Untecna
Information: Untecn is the Head of Finances and the Minister of the Treasury for the Region, and responsible for many things both in and out of their Ministry. They increased Security Protocol and Recruitment Programs for many different things, along with helping Tranzoria work on many different things. They also have made numerous Economic Plans for the Region.

Current WA Delegate: Swatteuer
Age Count: 83 Days Old

Influence Rises!
Recently, with undergone many investigations, the Region was found to be very well-known amongst smaller Regions and the Forums, even more than the words of Tranzoria have said. This can be looked at from two sides: Attracting Raiders, which is bad, and attracting attention, which is good. In fact, due to the rise of Regions and Multi-allegiance found by the NSA in Region Members, which has recently been allowed along with the Embassy Ministry, our Influence and Embassies can grow using this option.

Debate of the Week
Topic: Security-How much do we need?
Tranzoria decided to
look beyond our Region's Borders
and found that Raiders are more
common than told! We do need
more security, and good thing
the AH was refounded!
We have only been Raided twice,
and it was a long time ago
before we even had 200 Members.
We have the NSA, which is all
the Security we need.

The World Assembly Ministry
Repeal "World Assembly Trade Rights": For
Trade is one of the Most Decided Factors in the WA,
so we don't need even more of it.

Join the Discord to Become a Government Member!
LinkDiscord Link

Join the World Assembly and Endorse our WA Delegate!
Regional Roleplay News

Regional Alliances
The Agrimin Entente-The Biggest Alliance in the Region. Supports Centralised Powers with Anti-Communist and Fascist Ideals. Very War-ready and Mongery
Agrimin Socialist States-The Socialist and Communist version of the Entente. Pacifist and does not support any Capitalism. Likes Economic over Military Power
The Allied Defense Council-The Alliance where temporarily banned nations from the Entente go. It is not protected but funded by the Entente. Also known as "Sawasi's Island."
Pacts of Honor OverseasThe Nations in this Alliance have pacts with each other and not actual Alliances. This includes trade
The Halo Group-Used to be known as the Small "P6", until their influence grew bigger. They are Pacifists and support Economic Power, and almost all Military in the Alliance will be disbanded. (Sorry Tiber And Rione!)

International Court Established!
Following a rise in War-crimes in the Entente, Tranzoria, with the help of Untecna, set up an International Court that had it's first case following the NIWAE-Untecnan War. NIWAE lost the Court Battle after their Witness admitted to High-Command hiring Assassins that commited War Crimes. Following the rise of Sawasi, Untecna, recently in another War, decided to set up another Court Case.

NIWAE-Untecnan War
Untecna, Jude s vs. NIWAE-Stalemate
Untecnan Civil War
Tranzoria, Untecna, Jude s, Smidwest, United Departments Of Europe, Middle town vs. South Untecna, Sawasi, Meadrin-Ongoing

Forums and Funny Stuff :p

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Joke of the Week
Why don't eggs tell jokes?
They crack each other up too much.
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