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President Helen W. Jimenez

President of the Republic of Grand Abaco
Helen Weber Jimenez
Personal Info


13 March 1979


West End, West Grand Bahama




John Jimenez


Isabel Weber



Sexual Orientation:




Ideology Info

Political Party:

Free Nationalist Party



Addressed to as:

Madam President or Technical Sergeant

Political Ideology:

Abacoan Conservative

Economic Ideology:

Free market capitalism

"It's time that we stop being ruled by politicians, disconnected from reality and the real world; outside of their mansions built off the people's tax dollars. And today, we don't have politicians up here speaking from their wallets, but a person speaking from her heart, as I have lived and will continue to live as a contributing citizen to this wonderful nation." —Helen W. Jimenez's inaugural address

Helen W. Jimenez is the 6th and current Grand Abacoan president. She was elected in 2020, on a centrist, Abacoan conservative agenda. With over a 1/2 majority in the vote, she was most popular candidate to ever win presidency, besides Thomas Allen in 1980 and again in 1984. She succeeded James H. Walker as president of Grand Abaco.

Early Life
H. Jimenez was born in West End, West Grand Bahama on March 13, 1979, in the West End Bayfield Hospital. Her father, an immigrant, from what is now in Eluthania, and an architect, was of a high stature in Pre-Independent Grand Abaco. Her mother, a native to Halinese Caribbea, was born in Dia, Valdaz, and moved to Freeport, Halinese Caribbea, with the two meeting in 1976, and marrying in 1977. Living in West End for the first year of her life, the family would move to Medan, Halinese Caribbea, seeing the gaining independence movement in the Abaco Archipelago.

She attended Hanschn High School, in Medan, for her freshmen and sophomore years, with the family moving back to what would be Freeport, Grand Abaco in 1995. They would continue to move around, not fully staying in one place until 1997, where they finally settled down in Hopetown. She would redo her last two years to catch up on the missed classes, graduating one year early. She would soon attend the University of Grand Bahama, Pelican Bay, for 4 years, learning business administration and finance.


Jimenez enlisted into the Air Force right after graduating UGBPB, at the age of 23, in 2002. Within her 11 years of service, she saw the rise and fall of empires and dictators, and regularly aided in disaster recovery and cargo transport. She would eventually be awarded the Presidential Honor Unit, for her and her fellow unit's work and adaptability.

After her time in the military, she pursued one of her passions, working on the bridge of a cruise ship, like the ones she would often go on, in the summertime in between school. Within her first year, she had gone from Assistant Cruise Director, to the Head of the Hotel Administrative team. She would stay in this position for the majority of her stay at Princess Cruise Lines Corporation, until she was promoted to First Officer, although she would leave within 6 months of the promotion. After her stay in the cruise industry, she switched gears and started campaigning in Hopetown. From her extensive time living there and participating in the community, she was graciously accepted as Lieutenant Governor of Hopetown, becoming Governor the next year. She would continue to hold this place for another two years, until her ascendency to President of Grand Abaco.

Jimenez started her term on August 20, 2020, with Brian Montgomery as her running mate. She won in a landslide victory.

During Jimenez's presidency, she has enacted a couple major ones since her inaguration

  • Military Volunteers, 2020 (2020 Regulation of Military Volunteers and Support Forces. )
    Seeking for a way to help intervene in wars and aid allies in battle, the 2020 Regulation of Military Volunteers and Support Forces Act was drafted and became legislature by the Congress of Grand Abaco on October 4, 2020. This act established the ability for the Grand Abacoan government to either ask or have the Branch Command ask the congress to allow volunteers, without getting Grand Abaco to participate in the war directly. This bill came with little resistance, and has been put into use twice since the signing of the legislation.

  • Legalization of Marijuana, 2020 (Marijuana Openness Act)
    The legalization of marijuana came on November 17, 2020. This act would also allow anyone charged with possession of marijuana to be let out of prison, unless they had the intent to sell. Otherwise, the act has many restrictions, including, only government authorized venders can sell marijuana, marijuana is illegal in the possession of a felon, within the vicinity of restricted areas like hospitals and schools, and more. While barely passing in the Congress, the act is expected to cut possession charges by over 25%. Marijuana stocks were allowed onto the CHSE shortly after.

Political Opinions
Jimenez is an Abacoan conservative an. She believes that the Grand Abacoan Constitution should be upheld, protecting the citizens and peoples of Grand Abaco, while expanding civil rights and liberalizing many systems within the country.

Pro and Anti

  • Pro: Free market, capitalism, democracy, patriotic, human rights, gun rights, marijuana, civil rights

  • Neutral: Biotechnology, religion

  • Anti: Theocracy, pseudoscience, genetic engineering, communism, socialism, astrology, punitive prisons

Five Dimensional Political Compass
Objectivist Centrist Anti-Government Non-Interventionist Cosmopolitan Reactionary
Collectivism score: 0%
Authoritarianism score: -33%
Internationalism score: -17%
Tribalism score: -17%
Liberalism score: -50%

8values Test

Personal Life
President Jimenez has no spouse and is not seeing anyone, for a relationship, for the time being.

After her time in the military, Jimenez quickly became known in the Grand Abacoan cruising world. Within her 5 years within the vocation at the Princess Cruise Lines Corporation, she soared in her abilities and professionally, becoming a 1st officer just before leaving her position to follow her dreams of politics.