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Sopo Surges to Victory in Three-Way Europeian Presidential Election


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(Europeia, 2/8/2020) - (Europeia, August 2, 2020) - The citizens of Europeia elected Sopo as president in an election held on Friday, July 24. Sopo defeated Lloenflys and McEntire on the first ballot, collecting 51.5% of the vote. Lloenflys collected 38.2% of the vote, while McEntire secured the remainder. Monkey joined Sopo on the ticket as the vice presidential candidate, while Lloenflys and McEntire were joined by Pichtonia and Malashaan, respectively. The presidential election marks a historic return to a unified executive branch for Europeia.

"We now stand together on the threshold of a new presidential era, and I am truly honored that my friends and fellow citizens elected me to lead us in that first step," President Sopo said from 34 Goldenblock Avenue, the official residence of Europeia's president. "I am filled with pride when I think of how far we've come, and I'm filled with excitement when I think of where we've yet to go."

After the election, Europeia's Senate confirmed the following individuals to the Cabinet:

Common-Sense Politics, minister of foreign affairs;
Peeps, grand admiral;
South Eastern Centralia, minister of interior;
Lime, minister of communications;
SkyGreen24, minister of world assembly affairs;
Darkslayer, minister of radio;
United Vietussia, minister of culture; and
Lloenflys, attorney general

The race for president initially had four tickets. Mr. Verteger initially stood for election, choosing Ervald as his running mate. The campaign withdrew from the election prior to the opening of polls.

Following the presidential election, Prim resigned his seat from the Senate and all other government positions bar his position as Associate Justice. Vice Chancellor Drecq opened standing for a Senate by-election to be held on August 5. At time of publication, four candidates have stood for the by-election. The next general Senate election in Europeia is scheduled for August 28.

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