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Excellent Adventure

All your chocolate belongs to Darkesia

TWP and Karma's Excellent Adventure
Westyrn Karma Rulez!

Greetings, My Excellent Friends.

The distinguished dudes, babes, Karmic Sages, and Squatchy Delegate of The West Pacific do hereby gather in a most resplendent friendship. Though we will have many totally stellar adventures together, we believe heartfully in being excellent to each other above all else. We will endeavor to always bail each other out of bad dates and to rock on in the most non-heinous way. It is indeed a pleasure to party with these bodacious dudes. These are the best regions to be in, and allís we can say is.. Letís rock!

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Party On, Dudes!

Like Genghis Khan enjoys an excellent sugar rush, The West Pacific and Karma very much enjoy a most triumphant creative community. We esteemed personages of cultural significance are totally honored to commit to outstanding adventures together. It is a most egregious party foul to stress your fellow dudes of the human species, so we promise an annual visitation to the babes on the RMB, an annual celebration of the signage of this resplendent treaty, and an exploration into whatever excellent adventures find us in the Circle K parking lot; and we promise not to be dickweeds to each other.

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TWP and Karma at WAterloo.

Dudes, we have witnessed many things, but none as bodacious as TWP and Karma's combined WA genius. We will totally become dudes of a feather and create righteous WA stuff together.

We are fully pleased to host adventures in learning together, write proposals, and ride the same time machine to WA votes upon those very stellar instances when carpooling is convenient. On those times when we scope it out and carpooling is not convenient, we won't be dweebs about it.

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The Supreme Beings of Meritocracy

There is nothing more non-bogus than meritocracy. All we are is dust in the wind, dudes, but we can become the Most Supreme Beings by being the most excellent dudes. The West Pacific and Karma know that obviously the only way to be excellent is to study hard, work hard, and be very outstanding. We fully avoid the odious habit of all those ugly dudes to ignore talent and atypical players. Indeed we are most thrilled to share our appropriate knowledge and resources to help our players be undoubtedly unrivaled babes and dudes in the NationStates universe. We are atypical regions with bodacious communities and we are totally into that.

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