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Vote For GA resolution Repeal: "Freedom to Seek Medical Care II"

General Assembly Vote Recommendation

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Resolution at Vote: Repeal: "Freedom to Seek Medical Care II"
Vote Recommendation: For

Resolution Analysis
"Freedom To Seek Medical Care II", a resolution that is well-meaning in intent and is good general legislation to have on the books of the World Assembly. Unfortunately, there is one significant flaw that the proposed repeal of this resolution points out. Clause four of the target resolution explicitly states that member-nations are prohibited "from taking legal action against citizens or permanent residents who seek medical treatments or operations abroad, as long as General Assembly resolutions have not been violated," meaning that any criminal who is wanted for a crime in their home country can flee to a foreign nation in search of medical help, while having absolute immunity from their home country in the process - especially when taken in synergy with clause one, which prevents nations from stopping individuals from seeking foreign medical attention. While it is unfortunate that one such flaw can ruin the entire resolution, this flaw is very significant. A replacement is currently in drafting, hopefully leaving as little downtime between the potential passage of the repeal and the submission of the new proposal.

For these reasons, the North Pacific World Assembly Ministry recommends a vote for the at-vote General Assembly proposal, "Repeal Freedom To Seek Medical Care II."

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